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Rick Smith an avid writer. He is a researcher and also a sportsman. Rick has loved outdoor sports ever since he was young. His first interest in outdoor sports was built when he got his first skateboarding at the age of 6.

After his 6th birthday, Rick Smith has never looked behind again. Today he is an expert on many outdoor sporting techniques including longboarding, skateboarding, and biking among others. He loves, to ride his boards for competitive sports, recreational touch, and when commuting around town.

When Rick is not riding his skateboards and longboards, he helps the other people to learn the sport. He has trained so many youths and kids around his area.  But that’s not all. He also takes time off to research on these outdoor sporting techniques.

He collects a number of outdoor skateboards folding bikes, longboards, and tests them. He looks for new technologies and experiments with them.

In doing this, Rick has managed to write a number of posts on outdoor games and equipment that have been of help to many people. He has also created some of the most comprehensive reviews that many people have learned from.

Being an outdoor sports specialist, Rick doesn’t take pride in seeing the spirits of new gamers thwarted by challenges. That’s why he has chosen writing, creating posts, building websites, and giving reviews as one way to help them out.

If you want to learn more about Rick Smith, you can click here. You can also find him through his website.

People Want to Know:

Exercise Bike

Every bike will help you to workout. Bikes are some of the best cardiovascular equipment. However, we have specific bikes for workout needs. Stationery bikes and recumbent bikes are some of the best examples.

These exercise bikes are not easy to choose from. Before you pick one for yourself, you need to get the right tips about it too.


A longboard is more or less like a skateboard. However, this skating sports equipment is not entirely the same as the skateboard. Instead, it is longer than any skateboard size and comes in so many shapes

Nonetheless, like skateboards, longboards can be used to commute, exercise, train, or ride for recreational purposes. Today longboards have a high technological design that allows them to move faster, easier, and cut through complex curves.


Skateboard is the regular board for skating. They are shorter than longboards and come in different thicknesses. Nonetheless, skateboards are primarily sporting equipment that is designed from Canadian Maplewood. They also have polyurethane coatings and are made of varying numbers of wooden plies fitted between bamboo boards to provide flex.

Like longboards, skateboards can be used for simple recreational riding, commuting, and more importantly, sports


General biking is a form of workout. It is also a form of recreational activity that you can use to pass time. Biking, however, has different disciplines. Depending on your preferred choices, you might want to have the right tips to hit the road.

Folding bike

Bikes that can be folded to compact designs for easy storage are called folding bikes. They are best for people who love to travel. They are also ideal for guys who love outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and road trips.

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Keeping our bodies fit has so many advantages to it. It helps us to shed off unhealthy fats, improve our cardiovascular health, build core strength, boost our immunity, and improve the circulation of fluids around our body.

Even so, there are very many ways that one can work out there body. From simple bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, indoor games, to outdoor games, the choices are endless. So why tell you this?

At Outdoorsportsgeek.com we understand that not everyone has the skills to work out alone. We don’t possess the same knowledge and we have different fields of specialty. And while we may need help, we might not have the confidence to ask for it.

Why this Website

That said we have created Outdoorsportsgeek.com to save you the hassle and give you the help you need. We focus more on people who love outdoor games.

Our main specialty revolves around five major outdoor disciplines namely; Exercise Bikes, Longboarding, Skateboarding, General Biking, and Folding Bikes.

We strive to help people become better by giving them the tips that they need to know. We give pointers, recommend solutions, and give the best guides and user manuals. Our guides are fully researched, and we have engaged some of the most experienced writers.

The writers that we use are professionals on the field they contribute in. They are rained, have vast experience and love what they do.

In addition to all this, we also have a fast response time for our readers. We work all round the clock to make sure that you get all the information that you need in time.

Why Outdoor Sports

Unlike most indoor sports, outdoor sporting activities are usually more demanding. They are complex and require a vast range of motion.

Without proper training, therefore, you can easily get the wrong results, sustained fatal injuries, or choose the wrong equipment. By following expert websites such as Outdoorsportsgeek.com you will reduce these challenges by a great margin.

Who Started the Website?

Outdoorsportsgeek.com was started by Rick Smith. Rick is an outdoor sporting expert with over 6 years of experience. He is a professional who has worked and participated in outdoor sports ever since he was in his teens.

Today, Rick Smith spends his time sharing his experience, trying out new outdoor sporting technologies, and giving people the best options to go with.

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