Best Hybrid Bikes – The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Hybrid Bikes

For most cyclists a bike is more than just a form of transport, it’s a lifestyle that comes with many different rewarding experiences for those lucky enough to appreciate it. Cycling enthusiasts relish every opportunity to get on their bike, in any terrain, although not every cyclist can afford to own multiple bikes. A cyclist who uses their bike to travel to work may wish they could take part in a bike race or cycle through a dense forest, but they know their current bike couldn’t handle it. The bike they commute to work in may not be suitable for trekking across a mountainside, or for a coast-to-coast touring journey. The good news is Hybrid Bikes allow cyclists to use the same bike for multiple experiences. Hybrid Bikes are generally all-purpose bikes that can handle various conditions.

Congratulations on discovering cycling’s most exciting open secret, below we have compiled a list featuring the best Hybrid Bikes on the market. Hybrid Bikes come in a variety of styles and all possess different features in order to appeal to a wide range of cyclists. This is the Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Bikes and after reading it, you’ll know exactly which one is the right one for you.

Top ​BEST HYBRID BIKES in 2020 A good bike shop will often let you try before you buy

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney – Women’s Hybrid Bike

Current Rating: 4.8

The EVRYjourny is specifically designed for female use and is considered the best women’s hybrid bike available on the market. Made of a lightweight aluminum step-through frame measured at seventeen and a half inches. As a hybrid, the bike is incredibly versatile and well suited for commuting. It’s aimed at amateur female cyclists who are looking for something light and easy to get them from A to B, although the bike is also frequently bought by much more season cyclists who admire it for its unique and sleek style. Being a bike designed purely for women, created by a reputable manufacturer, the bike attracts all sorts of female cyclists who are looking for another level of comfort not offered by the average unisex Hybrid Bike.

Best Hybrid Bikes

While male cyclists can indeed make use of the bike they may find its features slightly alien to what they are used to. That’s because the bike has been designed with women in mind so they get the most ergonomic cycling experience possible. The bike has been designed in such a way to allow the rider to sit upright at all times, this is beneficial for posture as it allows the rider to keep their back’s straight and shoulders back, limiting the risks of strain and fatigue. As a hybrid the EVRYjourney also doubles up as a cruising bike, meaning cyclists can take advantage of its comfortable features on longer journeys if they wish.


  • The best women’s bike available
  • Unparalleled levels of comfort
  • Suitable as a touring bike
  • The design of this bike is beautiful and very modern


  • Not ideal for off-roading
  • Doesn’t fit all shapes
  • No male version

Best Hybrid Bikes – The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike – Men and Women’s Hybrid Bikes

The Schwinn Discover is actually two different Hybrid Bikes; there is one for men and one for women. Each has been designed specifically for their target gender in mind. We’re not just talking about the designs either. Both Hybrid Bikes feature subtle but unique ergonomic design choices tailored to the cycling preferences of either gender. Naturally, these differences are reflected in the shape of the frame, the weight of the bikes, and seat position. Clearly Schwinn has set out to be as inclusive as possible in their designs, crafting a set of bikes that both genders will feel instantly at home riding.

Best Hybrid Bikes 2020

As a hybrid, the Schwinn Discover is intended as a street bike first but it’s customizable and easy to use style allows it to also work effectively as a mountain bike. The Discover holds up well when put through its paces on a muddy trail or on other forms of uneven terrain. Managing to remain smooth, safe, and fun across the entire trek. To be taken seriously as a mountain bike the Schwinn Discover features 21-speed SRAM grip shifters and duel pull brakes attached to its lightweight but the sturdy aluminum frame. It also features a wheel size of 700c so you know it’s not kidding around when you see one hurtling down rough terrain. But a cyclist will be equally at home cruising to work or weaving around city traffic.


  • Models available for men and women
  • Doubles up as a mountain bike
  • Designed for comfort
  • It comes at a very affordable price
  •  It’s very easy to assemble


  • Not ideal as a touring bike
  • Better options available if needed as everyday’ bike
  • Some features not necessary for commuting

Best Hybrid Bikes – The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike –Men’s Hybrid Bikes

It may be the second Hybrid Bike made by Schwinn on the list but it deserves to be on just as much as the Discover. The Network is designed for men and particularly tall men at that. Its frame is larger than the average Hybrid Bike starting at 18 inches. Tall men often find it difficult to find a Hybrid Bike that suits them and accommodate their size but the Network finally provides something they can rely on. But not just as a road bike, as a hybrid the Network also has the ability to be used as a mountain bike in a similar fashion to the Discover range.

Best Hybrid Bikes in 2020

Due to its larger than average frame the bike also weighs slightly more than it’s contemporaries, allowing its tall riders to maintain control, any lighter and it could be considered flimsy, but luckily the weight feels natural and is a joy to control. Those who have ridden Schwinn bikes before will be familiar with their patented suspension forks, this is sharper than ever before which is quite an achievement considering the size of the frame. This is what allows the Network to be the Hybrid Bike of choice for tall men who want to whizz to work during the week but tackle the elements at the weekend. The Schwinn Network Bike will not disappoint and we’re confident this is the bike you tall fellows have been waiting for.


  • One of the only bikes on the market that caters for tall men
  • Strong and effective suspension
  • Also works as a mountain bike
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not recommended as a touring or racing bike
  • Doesn’t cater for tall women
  • Limited market

Best Hybrid Bikes – The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Phocus Hybrid Bike – Men and Women’s Hybrid Bikes

Did you think we were done with Schwinn? Not yet. We’ve offered a slightly heavier (but still light compared to most bikes!) Hybrid Bike in the Network, but what about one that tries it’s hardest to be especially light? Well, that’s exactly where the Schwinn Phocus comes in. Their lightweight nature is what attracts most people to Hybrid Bikes, that and the fact they offer an excellent and financially agreeable alternative to owning two separate bikes. The Phocus epitomizes this more than any other hybrid; portability is its unique selling point. Featuring a stylish Flat Bar this slick and sporty Hybrid Bike is a dream come true for fitness fanatics. Presenting itself as a cruising/touring bike the Phocus is designed for those who want to go on a long journey and will be bringing their bike along for the ride. Whether it be strapped to the back of a car or the machine that will take you on the journey itself the bike is the ideal traveling companion.

Best Hybrid Bikes reviews

Its 24-speed gear system means it can also handle tough and jagged terrain like a mountain bike. This coupled with the bikes bouncy but the lightweight design means it can pull off some pretty impressive maneuvers when it needs too. If you’re the sort of person who wants to put a bike through its paces either on a track, long journey or simply to commute to work every day then the Phocus is an excellent choice. So far the Hybrid Bikes on this list have been ideal for two separate purposes, for example commuting and mountain biking, but the Phocus has 3 primary functions. All of which is perfectly adept for. If you need a bike to for long-distance touring/cruises, rocky mountain trails, and then to take it into work on Monday then this may be the all-purpose beast you’re looking for.


  • Lightweight and easy to ride
  • Ideal for travel
  • Works as a touring and mountain bike
  • Precision gear shifters
  • Double-walled high profile alloy rims


  • Not particularly focused on one area of riding
  • Will put off those not into fitness
  • Not suitable for heavier people

Best Hybrid Bikes – The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Hybrid Bikes

Sixthrezero Ride in the Park – Women’s Hybrid Bike

This Hybrid Bike is one of the most unique hybrids on the market. It features a classical style not often seen in modern city bikes. The Ride in the Park’ would be right at home being ridden down a Parisian street or in an old painting in a fancy art gallery. But don’t let that fool you, its design may be deliberately old fashioned but this is just the style, the hybrid itself is actually a modern and convenient touring bike. Distinctly feminine in design the bike is aimed at women exclusively, but it’s the comfort and convenience the bike offers which is its real selling point.

As a touring bike, the Ride in the Park needs to be ergonomically viable for those wanting to ride it for a long period of time. Where it wouldn’t be particularly useful as a mountain bike due to its elegant frame, those also choosing it as their bike of choice when riding to work are bound to turn some heads. The bike also comes with various customizable aesthetic choices such as a sidekick stand to prop it up when parking or a rear luggage basket that is deceptively strong and reliable for carrying heavy objects from one place to another. It also features light but compelling touches like chain guards and back/front fenders.


  • Unique design
  • Options for customization
  • Very comfortable
  • Designed for easy and smooth stopping.
  • Easy to follow and understand the instruction manual included


  • More expensive than other options
  • Not suitable for males
  • A touring bike hard to recognize as one

Best Hybrid Bikes Buyers Guide & Benefits Of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes really are a phenomenon, they have encouraged a new generation of non-cyclists to become cyclists and fully embrace the benefits the activity brings. Cycling is a great way to keep fit and those who use their bikes to cycle to work and back reap the benefits of this. It’s a simple and effective way to promote good health and more and more people are discovering this as time goes on. Cycling to work also helps save the pennies. It saves wear and tear on your car and saves money on fuels costs, over a long period of time these savings can be significant.

Riding a bike to work also helps reduce your personal carbon footprint. Fewer cars on the roads mean less congestion and fewer emissions in the atmosphere. For lots of people, this is very important, as the number of environmentally conscious commuters grows year on year.

Every one of the Hybrid Bikes featured in this guide will allow you to take advantage of the benefits listed above, but it’s the hybrid nature of Hybrid Bikes that are its biggest benefit. The fact that these bikes have multiple uses means they save the owner from investing twice. Bikes are not cheap and those who have been cyclists all their lives will attest that it can be an expensive lifestyle. Those who cycle to work and back may also enjoy cruising or going on cycling holidays. They also may on occasion get bored of cycling around the city and want to take their bikes out in nature. Traditionally this would require a mountain bike instead of a road bike. Hybrid Bikes change the game completely, allowing bike owners to invest their money in a bike that fills two purposes. This doesn’t sound like much but to a lifelong cyclist, it can be an incredible boon.

What are hybrid bikes used for?

If you are looking forward to purchasing a new bike, you are encouraged to consider hybrid bikes. In fact, hybrid bikes have received a lot of positive attention in the recent past because of the benefits that they offer. Keep on reading and you will be able to learn why it is worthy to spend your money to purchase a hybrid bike.

What exactly is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. In other words, you can think about calling it as a bike, which is suitable for general-purpose riding in many different types of terrain. They have been manufactured while leveraging the strengths of ordinary bikes and mountain bikes. Hence, you will be able to get enhanced functionality along with versatility. Due to the same reason, most of the people in today’s world prefer to use hybrid bikes for their commuting purposes.

The hybrid bikes usually come along with a flat handlebar. Therefore, you will have to do the braking and shifting in a similar way as you would do on a mountain bike. The hybrid bike will provide you with the opportunity to travel in an upright position. Most of the people find it comfortable. In addition to that, it can help you to ensure your safety while riding the bike in traffic.

What are the uses of hybrid bikes?

People tend to use hybrid bikes for many different purposes. Here is a list of some of the most prominent applications out of them.

  • Riding for work

If you are a person who wants to ride for your workplace, you are encouraged to think about investing to purchase a hybrid bike. It can provide a convenient riding experience. You can think about using your hybrid bike as an eco-friendly and cost-effective method to travel to the workplace. When you take a look at the expenses that you bear to get to the workplace on all five working days, you will notice that there is a high possibility to save lots of money by using a hybrid bike.

  • Going to the local stores

You can also think about using a hybrid bike to go to your local stores and fetch groceries. Riding the hybrid bike is an easy thing to do and you will be able to go with it without having to worry about anything. It can provide excellent assistance for you to reduce your travel time as well. That’s because you can easily maneuver the hybrid bike in areas where there is high traffic.

  • Day to day traveling

It is also possible for you to use the hybrid bike for all sorts of day to day traveling purposes. For example, if you want to visit a friend or a family member who lives a few blocks away, you can get into the hybrid bike and travel. It can provide a safe and convenient experience to you with your day to day travels.

What are the benefits of riding in a hybrid bike?

You will be able to experience a variety of benefits by riding in a hybrid bike. Below mentioned are the most prominent benefits out of them.

  • You can travel in all types of terrains

It is possible for you to use the hybrid bike to travel in all types of terrains. That’s because the hybrid bike will come along with all-terrain tires. You don’t need to think twice before you travel in dirt trails, crushed gravel, or areas where there is a lock. When there are rainy weather conditions, you will come across lots of muddy and wet areas. However, you will be able to travel in your hybrid bike in all those areas without having to worry about anything.

  • You can ride in an upright riding position

As mentioned earlier, the hybrid bike would provide you with the opportunity to ride in an upright riding position. If you are a person who experiences back pains after bike rides, you can switch to a hybrid bike. The upright riding position would make sure that you don’t have to experience any back pain. You don’t have to lean forward while you are riding the bike. Hence, you will be able to retain a natural posture while riding the bike at all times. This can provide a comfortable riding experience to you at all times as well.

  • You can get a variety of accessories

The hybrid bikes are loaded with a large number of accessories. They can contribute towards the riding experience that you can secure. For example, you will be able to get a couple of bottle holders, which would benefit you while you are riding continuously for many hours. In addition to that, many hybrid bikes provide baskets. Which you can use to carry your backpacks, mobile phones, and other items with ease.

  • They are affordable

People who wish to purchase a bike without spending a lot of money out of the pocket can think about going forward with a hybrid bike. Regardless of your income, you can think about investing to purchase a hybrid bike. The single purpose bikes are priced high because they are designed for professional riders. You don’t need to go ahead with such a bike because hybrid bikes can provide a better experience.

  • They promote comfort

The features that you can find in hybrid bikes, including the suspension system and upright riding position would promote comfort to the rider at the end of the day. However, you need to make sure that you go through the different options and pick a hybrid bike that best defines your requirements.

As you can see, you will be able to receive a variety of benefits by purchasing a hybrid bike. Go ahead and take a look at it. You will never be disappointed with the money that is being spent to purchase a hybrid bike.

FAQs: Best Hybrid Bikes

Are all hybrid bikes suitable for commuting?

Yes generally, although most have a second purpose like touring or mountain biking suitability. But the vast majority are designed to be used in a city environment.

Can I use hybrid bikes for racing?

We wouldn’t recommend doing so. While hybrids are useful for a range of activities, they are not a substitute for a racing bike.

If I already own a mountain bike or touring bike should I continue to use that instead?

If you’ve already invested in a specialist bike then continue to use it. This will reduce wear and tear on your hybrid and mean both are used equally.

Who are the target audience of hybrid bikes?

Those who require a bike for multiple purposes.

Is cycling good for fitness?

Yes, cycling is an excellent form of exercise and can also be great fun.

Which hybrid bike should I buy?

It depends on what you need it for. What are your cycling habits? Do you need it for riding to work and back? Do you also ride on longer journeys? Then a hybrid will suit you fine.

Does buying a hybrid mean I don’t need to buy more bikes?

Yes, but it depends on what other bikes you need. But owning a hybrid is designed so you can save money and use one bike for different reasons.


Some people consider Hybrid Bikes to be a Jack of all trades and a master of none’, but we do not agree with this assessment. Perhaps this may have been true when Hybrid Bikes were first made but in 2020 things are very different. Granted bikes specifically designed for a certain purpose are bound to be more adept at that job than any other kind of bike. For example, there’s no better bike to ride up a mountain than a mountain bike.

Or there’s no better bike to cruise on a long journey than a touring bike. Indeed a portable bike with a very light frame may be ideal for commuting but here’s the thing: Hybrid Bikes are specially designed for these same tasks. They just happen to be designed for more than one.

This doesn’t detract from their quality or effectiveness in any way. Just because a Hybrid Bike has been designed, as a mountain bike doesn’t mean any engineering that went into its features as a road bike was deficient in any way. Modern Hybrid Bikes are just as effective as any other bike that was designed for a singular purpose and that is why they are so popular. We very much hope you find the right one for you.

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