The 5 Best Road Bikes Under 500: Great Choices for Everyone

Best Road Bikes Under 500

The fun of cycling will rarely match anything else plus the commuting facility. So, no wonder why many of us look to kick-off their cycling career and also eagerly see off a commuter to enjoy the countryside breezes.

Whatever may be your cycling necessity, purchasing the 1st bike is critical, and neither it is a good idea to spend billions on it. Instead, get a slow start with the best road bikes under 500 and improve steadily. We have tested 35+ road bikes to come up with this review.

We have made the selection simple so that the road bikes fit into most people’s necessity without compromising with the quality, service, and performance.

So, let’s start the cycling!

The Best Road Bikes Under 500 Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider

A road bike is an outstanding addition to your life with numerous benefits. Having a road bike is, in fact, having a personal commuter and physician in your home. Go into places with your fav road bikes. While you cycle, it helps you control the weight and have considerable physical activities. So, you remain sound and safe.

However, no matter how many benefits a road bike brings with it, purchasing the suitable one for you isn’t an easy task. Instead, you will need substantial time investment to check the features such as gear shifts, frame, performance, and so on.

The selection becomes harder when we put the 500$ bar and want the best road bike with no compromise with quality and performance. Henceforth, we come up with this in-depth road bike under 500 buying guides.

And here is the result of your research:

Road Bike Frame

When you are going to get and grab your 1st road bike, thoroughly check about the frame. Ideally, the road bike frame needs to be rugged and sturdy to withstand all terrains and weight on it. Road bike frames are mostly made of three metals. These are:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum frame-built cycles are lightweight and still has the optimal stiffness you would like. And the aluminum frame perfectly fits the 500$ category.
  • Stainless-steel: While stainless steel made bike, frame is sturdier than aluminum, there’s a trade-off for it. Stainless steel is bulkier and slightly pricey too.
  • Carbon fiber: Bike frame made of carbon fiber is the stiffest despite being the lightest in the category. Also, carbon fiber adds aesthetics to your bike. However, they are often found only in expensive high-end bicycles.

Brake System

When you commute through streets, the brake system of the road bike will prevent you from accidental collisions. You will mostly find two kinds of brakes in a bike, V-brakes, and caliper system brakes. Both of them work brilliantly to help you with the most secure brakes.

However, some road bikes these days use disc brakes. You will originally find disc brakes in the mountain bikes and gives the best braking experience overtime.

The Gears

The gear system of a road bike is crucial since it will control your bike speed and smoothness. Fortunately, there’s little to look for as most manufacturers will use Shimano gears for their bikes. And Shimano gears needs no introduction.

It is the most trustworthy biking partner when it comes to gear systems. Shimano gears are easy to optimize and lasts longer than any other gears. However, you still need to consider one vital factor. What do you want, a fixie bike or variable geared bike?

Also, for variable gears, how many options do you want? Some road bikes likewise our Tommaso Sentiero offers as much as 3×8 gear shifts.

The Fork

You will see the fork of road bikes are mostly straight built and lacks spring suspension. Likewise, the road bike frame, the crotch of this kind of cycle, is made of either aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon fiber. Although road bikes are not favorable for bumpy roads, you should steel prefer a fork with optimal stability.

As you ride through the tough terrains or uneven surfaces, carbon fiber comes first to absorb the vibration. Similarly, aluminum fits perfectly in the 2nd tier, and stainless steel made forks comes the last. So, decide how much vibration you are comfortable with while cycling.

Geared or Fixed

We have already discussed the fixie and shifting gears briefly, but now let’s have a depth overview. Beginners should start with fixies since it frees them from the burden of adjusting the gear shifting every time, they change bike speed. For novice and beginners, it can be particularly challenging.

Nonetheless, if you are confident with your cycling skill, geared bikes will give you some of the most refreshing biking experience. You can easily top the hilly regions with the geared cycle.

Rims and Tires

You should always choose the wider tires. The width will make the road bike stable and also, wider tires last long. And for the rims, we put it upon your preference.

Aerodynamic rims are suitable for heavy people and are stiffer than other kinds of rims. On the contrary, box-shaped rims will accelerate the bike quickly, thanks to its lightweight.

Top Five Best Road Bikes Under 500$ Reviews in 2020

Five hundred dollars are a good investment when it comes to a road bike. And we want to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. So, we put up the best choices for under 500 road bikes in the following sections.

1. Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

Riders worldwide place Schwinn high in their list when it comes to best road bikes. And Schwinn has rarely failed to meet up the expectations level of the riders. The Volare Adulty, aka, Schwinn Volare 1300 road bike is for the fitness freaks and charity show cyclists.

It is a feature and performance-stalked stellar bike for everyone.

Benefits and Features

Compact design for lightweight

When you first see the bike, you will notice its feather-like weight. The Volare 1300 Men’s Road Bike weighs only 29.8 pounds. Henceforth, you won’t have to a weight lifting champion to carry the road bike.

The lightweight also brings stability and control. Also, less weighty bikes will provide speedier rides that most cyclists want. When you finish riding, store the road bike in a convenient place, thanks to the small size.

Easy Assembly

Most beginner riders find it challenging to assembly their road bikes. And that’s not something funny, and it needs a fair amount of hard work. With a Volare Adult hybrid road bike, you can relax. It will ardently take less than two hours to make the bike get-go on the road.

No need to call for professionals. Just ardently follow the user manual, and you should find everything helpful and pleasant about the assembly.

Built sturdy

With this hybrid road bike, you can dream of winning any mountain terrains. Schwinn has used aluminum to mend the frame, and it has a rigid fork. So, you get a good guarantee of the endurance on the harshest roads.


When you ride a bicycle, what do you want? Sparkling speed, responsive brakes, and smooth performance, right?  The high responsiveness of the road bike ensures everything. It has a fantastic gear shifting system that cooperates with the alloy caliper talisman braking system. So, it stops exactly at the point you want it to stop.

Stellar performance

Schwinn is known for its out of universe performance, and they continued it with Volare 1300. Its lightweight, as I described earlier, is the name of speed. Also, premium and sturdy built quality ensure you enjoy some fun ride on the road bike and commute through with ease.


  • Weight: 29.8
  • Frame size: 56 inches
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Gears: 14-speed Shimano
  • Tires: 700x28C

best road bikes under 500


  • You can perform both regular riding and racing with the hybrid bike.
  • It is faster than most standard road bikes.
  • Assembly was possible in less than 2 hours.
  • Available in different color schemes


  • You can’t customize the height.

Tips: The hybrid road bike with faster moves and sleek design is made for experienced and beginners alike. Once you ride on it, you will truly understand what it means by “best value for the money road bike.”

The 5 Best Road Bikes Under 500: Great Choices for Everyone

2. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Track Bike

Are you looking for what is the best road bike for the money? If yes, congrats, you just find one suitable for everyone. City riders appreciate the aggressiveness of the 6kU fixie road bikes, while beginners are attracted tremendously to its aerodynamic outlook.

The bikes fit into most people’s budgets and deliver some talisman performance. Henceforth, you got to get it.

Features and Benefits

Impressive look and aggressive stance

Whenever you see the bike, you will be drawn towards its sexy look. It comes with a bright yellow or white color, and both look mind-blowing with the black combo. The aerodynamic design complements the look with perfection.

So, if you love the style, pick this urban track bike and ride with fashion.

Riser bars

The fixie gear bike from 6KU has riser bars in place of the conventional drop bars. The raised bars are favorable for riding through the bust traffics in the big town. So, you will find it easy to navigate through the city streets.

Premium Alloy forks

6KU has made the high-end alloy forks with 1/8” and 1” measurement to match every rider expectation. The matching alloy forks come handy for comfortable and versatile riding.


The 6KU fixie gear bike nails everything when it comes to performance. You can replace the stainless-steel dropouts, choose the perfect height and fav color. Also, the aluminum frame is sturdy, and welding is done with premium smoothness.

So, it delivers a fantastic performance. To be honest, it is one of those rare road bikes that offer precisely what it promises to the customers. Interestingly, the track road bike comes with an easy assembly followed by a user-friendly guideline.

Lightweight and sturdy built-quality

When we talk about best road bikes, especially about track bikes, we madly want two things, lightweight design, and rugged frame. The affordable 6KU meets both the universe perfectly. It weighs well under 30 lbs and adds to the speedy riding experience.


  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Frame size: Four different sizes
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Type: Track fixie bike
  • Gears: Fixed gear
  • Tires: 700x25C

What is the best road bike brand?


  • Aggressive and stylish stance
  • 6KU priced it reasonably
  • The assembly is straightforward
  • Risers bars are handy for quick navigation


  • Some issues with the crank and paddles

Tips: 6KU delivered the stylish and endurance track road bike; likewise, their customers demanded. The bike favours beginner’s skills and pocket alike. Also, performance-wise the bike lacks not a bit of hay.

The 5 Best Road Bikes Under 500: Great Choices for Everyone

3.Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike

Tommaso is Italian cycle manufacture with one-quart of a century experience. In the last decade and so, the manufacturer has steadily gained popularity in the USA. The thanks go to their premium bikes- of all kinds. This Sentiero adventure gravel bike is one more addition to their long line of legacy.

The bike is a gravel bike, and so, it means serious business when it comes to adventure cycling. And you will love its feature-stalked performance.

Features and benefits

Powerpack performance:

Since it’s an adventure bike, it meets cracking performance requirements. First off, the gravel bike has a Shimano Claris 3×8 groupset that includes cassette and crankset. So, you can commute through the harshest terrain without having to think about control and stability.

It has different gear settings, so you can take it on Rocky Mountains, muddy countryside, and flat street roads to have fun and thrill.

Superb control

The Tommaso gravel bike equips with 700x40C tires. The wider tires mean control, and stability ensured. If you still feel confused, here’s another talisman feature- TC20D rims from the manufacturer offers 28 Spoke Rim.

So, no matter which terrains you ride on, the tires and rims are optimized with perfection to give you the utmost support. On top of it, the state-of-the-art best road bikes under 500 have disc brakes from Avid BB5.

So, take advantage of the additional stopping power under all-weather and terrains.

Built for comfort

This gravel road bike is a sleek product, so it attracts attention from everyone. Apart from the impressive design, the road bike comes with ergonomic premium handlebars and geometrical shapes. Both cooperate to offer you the highest comfort.

On top of it, Sentiero Adventure bike equips with high-quality parts that are a rare foot among mid-range budget cycles these days.

Reliable construction

An adventure bike always takes the toll of the harshest conditions, and this road bike is no exception. For endurance, the manufacturer has built the bike with a sturdy aluminum frame. The fork is made from SST Steel. So, it gives the riders the highest endurance.


  • Frame size: Five different sizes
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Type: Gravel Bike
  • Gears: 3×8 gear speeds
  • Tires: 700x40C

what are the best road bikes


  • All-terrain riding capability
  • Comfortable riding
  • Wider Kenda tires add to control
  • SST Steel fork


  • Heavyweight
  • Little slower

Tips: The gravel adventure bike is a mesh of style and endurance. The high-quality bike meets the requirements for adventures and daily city commutes. All in a nice price tag.

The 5 Best Road Bikes Under 500: Great Choices for Everyone

4. Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

The Giordano Libero road bike took its inspiration from the proud cycling history of Italy. It came for both men and women ride. Also, this is a mid-range budget waiting for the beginners to kick-off their cycling journey.

Features and benefits

Adjustable and sturdy frame

The last thing you won’t expect with the road bike is an easily damageable frame; neither does Giordano. So, they have made the frame with premium stainless steel. So, no wonder the bike frame can endure the heaviest persons without a problem.

Additionally, the frame is available in three different sizes. Whether you are a short, tall, or an averaged size rider, you won’t find toughness to reach the brakes and handlebars. The handlebars are made of metal to suit long-time service.

Whether you are a novice or a pro cyclist, enjoy its seamless ergonomic frame design for hours of cruising.

Easy controlling

You want to lovingly explore the nooks and crannies of your town or itching to go on an adventure? Take superior advantage from its easy controlling. Thankfully, the bike consists of Shimano 14 shifters, aka, gears to make you every ride a cruise.

The gears are integrated cleverly with the brake lever. So, you can step-up or down the speed only by controlling the 14 different gears. When you ride through mountains, switch into the rising speeds, and breezing around the city jungles, it brings down the momentum into a more stable one. Cheers!

Lightweight and extreme endurance

The bike controlling is even more bolstered with the 29 pounds weight of the bike. So, stability is no doubtful question for the road bike. Additionally, the top-of-the-line best road bike is made of top-class stainless steel.

So, riders experience a delicate balance between ruggedness and lightness. This is a rare feature for most road bikes. Moreover, even the tallest women will find their frame perfect sized.

Accurate brakes

The road bike offers on the spot braking system. So, forget about those scratches and enjoy its brakes even when the situation is tricky. So, you can navigate through the countryside, or busy traffics without encountering any obstacles.


  • Frame size: Three different sizes
  • Frame: Stainless steel.
  • Type: Road Bike
  • Gears: 14 gear speeds
  • Tires: 700x25C

what size road bike do i need


  • Suitable for both gents and ladies.
  • Comfortable for the taller riders also.
  • A good match of lightness and endurance
  • Tons of positive aspects


  • Professional assembly
  • Sometimes the chain sleeps while gear changing.

Tips: The road bike frame is handcrafted. Also, the superb road bike is favourable for novices and intermediate cyclists to compete to pass their skills and touch the new horizon.

The 5 Best Road Bikes Under 500: Great Choices for Everyone

5. Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle

This road bike is our second pick from Schwinn, and it delivers everything; likewise, Schwinn Volare 1300 and even surpasses it in some aspects. Schwinn, while marketing the bike, said that it’s made for beginners. Yes, this is true, but it also suits pro-cyclists. Thanks to the bike’s surprisingly stellar performance.

Features and Benefits

Standard frame

Schwinn has made the cycle frame with the 6061-aluminum standard setup. So, it deals exemplary well with the tough terrains and the heaviest person you can imagine. Additionally, the manufacture hasn’t gone funky with the sizing. So, it comes with the standard cycling size; no experiments.

The handlers are made of carbon fibre with ergonomic design. So, enjoy hours of riding without feeling the heat of fatigues. And finally, the frame is favourable for men and women riders.

Easy gear shifting

When you commute through busy traffics, you want one thing, quick and smooth shifts between speed gears. It’s essential to keep control over the bike and avoid collisions. Schwinn seems to know it and so equips the best road bikes under 500 with the futuristic Shimano Claris shifters.

The shifting has been optimized with the brake lever for increased stability and control. The optimization means you can control the gear shifting without having t dislodge your hands from the brakes.

Oh, one more thing, the road bike offers 10 gears and supports low-end gear shifting for mountain rides.

Wider wheels

One exceptional selling point of the Phocus 1400 & 1600 road bike is its wheelset. The wheels are double-walled, a feature that improves controlling capacity.

Schwinn has included the two standard tires for the wheelset, which will deliver satisfactory performance in most cases. Nonetheless, you can always upgrade to a better tire alternative, since the bike comes to an affordable mid-range pricing.

Ideal size

As per our research result, we can best tell that this is a medium frame bike. So, the frame is 56 cm which is favourable for persons between 5’8” to 5’11”. Interestingly, most of us are in this size group. So, we expect everyone will enjoy the rides, no hard reaching to brakes, and tough times to access the handlebars.


  • Frame size: Medium size.
  • Frame: Aluminum.
  • Type: Road Bike
  • Gears: 16 gear speeds
  • Tires: 700x26C

best road bikes


  • The shifters are integrated for safety and comfort.
  • Sixteen gears favour hilly rides.
  • Sturdy frame and fork.
  • Attractive design.


  • Only one size.

Tips: Despite having such feature-stalked advantages, Phocus 1400 and 1600 have been overwhelmingly undermined by riders. Yet, it is the best road bike for beginners and suits effortless hilly ridings.

The 5 Best Road Bikes Under 500: Great Choices for Everyone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What size road bike do I need?

The size of your road bike will depend on your height. And also, remember that when we talk about road bike size, we mean the frame size, not any tire size. Now, let’s come to the point. According to the size chart for the bike, the shortest people having a height between 4’10” to 5’00” should go for the XX-Small or 48cm road bike frame. For medium people who has a height between 5’6”-5’9”, the ideal road bike size is 54-56cm and for the large peoples who are 5’9”-6’1” tall should go for the sizeable 57-58cm frame size.

What are the best road bikes?

Whenever we ask about the best road bikes, we need to consider some vital influencers. A road bike needs to have endurance, stability, control, and easiness at rides. Also, the price range for road bikes varies greatly. We have considered all these factors and thus piled up this best road bikes under 500 reviews. However, the selection will vary from person to person and according to the price range. When you can spend above 1000$ or more for the road bikes, the whole scenario changes, and you will find some beast road bikes.

What is the best road bike brand?

Over the years, the cycling industry has seen the ardent emergence of many world-famous road bike brands. Selecting one particular brand from them is frequently a biased task. However, it is safe to say that Schwinn, Tommaso, 6KU are some of the best road bike brands that are trustworthy. Also, these road bike brands come with tons of models to suit everyone’s necessity. So, whether you are an ardent beginner or a pro-cyclist, these manufacturers will meet your requirements.

What is the best road bike for the money?

The best road riding bike for money is a popular terminology we the road bikers used to identify the affordable yet uncompromisingly best bikes for road. In this category, 6kU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Track Bike fits inappropriately. The bike has fixed gear and made seamlessly with a sturdy frame to house the heaviest person. So, it will captivate everyone. Another best road bike for money is Schwinn Volare 1300, which is lightweight and easy assembly. The control is also top-notch. So, you can go for both.

What is the best road bike for beginners?

The best road riding bike for beginners needs to fulfil two primary credentials. These are riding comfort and price range. As a beginner, there’s hardly any person who wills to pay like 1K or 2K of money for the road bikes. We considered these essentialities and so, recommend Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike for the beginners. It is both a road and adventure bike that comes with superb control and top-class performance. Additionally, the riding comfort serves the novice and beginners well.

Our Recommendation

So, we are at the penultimate part of the best road bikes under 500 reviews. Before we wrap up, let’s quickly take a glance at three of our expert choices.

Editors Pick: Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

The Schwinn Volare 1300 is an incredible road bike packed with limitless features. The road bike is lightweight, which helps you experience some speedy rides. And as you race through roads, its responsive brakes, and out of the universe, control will facilitate you correctly.

Moreover, the road bike is made of rugged aluminum, which ensures endurance for the cycle. You can take it on hilly regions, and commute across the busiest traffics without much of a aren’t a problem. The responsiveness also means you won’t have to collide with others. The only drawback of the bike is it comes in a single size.

Best Value for Money: 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Track Bike

This road bike seems to come from another universe. Everyone feels attractive for its bold and beautiful stance and aerodynamic design. You get a wide range of color selections from yellow, white, red, and so on.

Besides, it is a feature-stalked road bike with the riser bars coming in the first place. The riser bars come handy to travel across the city jungles. Additionally, the road bike frame and fork are rugged enough to withstand the harshest terrain conditions with the utmost comfort in rides. Also, the brake controls are integrated with the lever for high-responsiveness.  In short, it delivers whatever you wish in a fixie bike.

Best Overall: Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike

The Tommaso Sentiero Adventure Bike meets both universes, essentialities of comfortable road bikes, and features for traveling through the mountain regions. It has a 3×8 groupset for Shimano Claris gears shifting. So, you enjoy more options in the gear section.

The road bike is available in five distinctive frame sizes and suits both men and women. Also, the broader tires ensure increased comfort, making it favorable for all-terrain riding. On top of it, the price tag of the rad bike is reasonable and suits beginners. All in all, you will love the fun ride on this extraordinary cycle.


Road bikes are incredibly favorable for cruising along the busy streets of the town and countryside also. And with a little adjustment, you can go on to the hilly regions with the rad bike. With such unthinkable benefits, most people opt for the road bike to start their cycling journey.

Similarly, the road bike industry has flourished leaps and bounds and presents us with tons of choices. We tested the top-rated and fashionable models to come up with these five best road bikes under 500 to help you with the purchase cause.

We aspire the review comes handy, and you find your pick. Also, as we wrap up here, we recommend you maintain the road bike so that you get a seamless performance throughout the bicycle lifespan.

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