The Ultimate Guide to Best Scooter For 3 Year Old Reviews

Best Scooter For 3 Year Old

When purchasing a scooter for a child: there are a lot of options available. You can find them in almost any style and size among online retailers. We want to make sure that you can choose the one that Will be most cost-effective in terms of quality and available features. This article will provide direct product comparisons between different popular scooters designed for younger age groups.

Maybe you are not sure where to start searching or which scooters provide the best bang for your buck. Do not worry. You have come to the right place. We, Will, give you a full breakdown of what to look for in a scooter and answer some of the frequently asked questions that are not acknowledged by other gu des. This list will provide prices: features: and product details that will help you determine which scooter will fit your child’s play style.

The information and products listed in this article are for kick scooters only. and we will not be going over electric scooters. The safest and best scooter for 3 year old age range children will be kick or push scooters: which allow for better control of speed and steering.

Comparison of Top Rated Scooters for Children

The information for these scooter comparisons was taken directly from the retailer’s online product page: so you know that everything is accurate and up to date. The options below offer a variety of sizes: age-specific designs: and price ranges. They are all top-rated models and brands for children and come with high ratings from happy customers.

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

  • Age Range: Designed for 2 to 4-year-olds.
  • Weight: 22 pounds Best Scooter For 3 Year Old


  • The quick and efficient assembly method makes set up a breeze
  • Three-wheeled design to help new riders build coordination and balance
  • A wide. a deck made of slip-resistant polypropylene for greater stability
  • Foam designed easy-to-grip handles
  • easily folded Into a compact carrying form
  • The front-wheel revolves for effortless steering
  • Two back wheels for increased balance
  • It comes with a diagram for folding steps: but also has downloadable PDF

Additional Information.

  • The frame is superior quality steel: aluminum: and plastic
  • 3.5-inch Urethane wheels
  • Handlebar height cannot be adjusted
  • Listed #50 on Amazon’s gest Seller list for Ride-On Toys & Accessories
  • Listed #30 on Amazon’s gest Seller list for Kick Scooters
  • Amazon Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars from 816 customer ratings

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Lascoota 2-in-l Kick Scooter

  • Age Range: Designed for 2 to 8-year-olds (weight capacity of 1 10 pounds).
  • Weight: 7.61 pounds Best Scooter For 3 Year Old Reviews


  • The PU wheels light up and flash different colors while they are moving to make a fun and visible ride
  • Three-wheeled design to help new riders build coordination and balance
  • Self-balancing technology to help with stability even over uneven ground
  • It has an extra-wide deck that can fit both feet and is covered in a grippy material
  • Lean-to-steer technology makes it easier to control as there is no need to turn the handles manually
  • Has brakes to assist with stopping forward motion
  • The handlebars have four distinct height options (255 in: 27.5 in: 30.75 in: and 34 in)


  • 2-in-l fully removable/adjustable seat that can be used to help new riders acclimate
  • Made of premium quality aluminum and stainless steel

Additional Information:

  • Listed #4 on Amazon’s gest Seller list for Kick Scooters
  • Amazon Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars from 3,986 customer ratings

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Micro Kickboard – Mini Deluxe

  • Age Range: Designed for 2 to 5-year-olds (weight capacity of 1 10 pounds).
  • Weight: 4.19 pounds

Scooter For 3 Year Old


  • Award-winning. #1 three-wheeled design to help new riders build coordination and balance
  • Lean-to-steer technology makes it easier to control as there is no need to manually turn the handles
  • Non-marking wheels make it easy to learn indoors away from roads
  • Adjustable handlebars let the scooter grow with your child


  • 2-year. gold standard manufacturers warranty Replaceable parts
  • Includes a hex wrench for adjusting the handlebars

Additional Information

  • Listed #6 on Amazon’s gest Seller list for Kick Scooters
  • Amazon Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars from 1 726 customer ratings

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Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing a Scooter for Children

If you have never owned a scooter yourself or have never bought one for your children: then there are a few things to keep in mind You will need to teach your child to balance while riding the toy. and this can be a lot of fun but should take place in a controlled environment whenever possible. Luck Iy. some scooters like the Micro Kickboard have non-marking wheels: which means you can help your child learn how to maneuver Indoors where it can be easier to keep potential injuries to a minimum.

There are a lot of positives that come from purchasing your child a scooter. One is the inclusion of group playing if they are riding with their friends or siblings. which then improves their communication and growth. This is also an excellent way for them to exercise while having fun either inside or outdoors. It is a healthy hobby that can lead to other similar high activity sports in the future. There are also clubs and competitions for scooters that your child may be interested in joining as a way to interact with other active youngsters.

The great thing about a quality scooter is that your child will be able to grow up with it for several years instead of growing out of it within Twelve months. It is a long-term investment that comes at a very affordable price. Even top-quality children’s scooters are quite affordable: and most of those come with additional features to help your child learn to use the scooter In a safe and effective way (e.g.: the Lascoota removable seat).

With the advantages come a few safety concerns that you will want to be aware of before your child takes their first ride on their scooter. Because they are designed for young children: then they Will not move too quickly: which means that most of them do not come with brakes. You will need to teach your child how to slow and stop safely. It is also vital that you purchase safety gear such as a helmet: knee pads: and shoulder pads so that when they fall: it will not cause them any significant injury.

What to Look for in a Scooter for Children

The two main things that any child needs to master first on a scooter are learning to control speed and maintain control of the steering. Three-wheeled options make this easier to learn for children who have not previously used a similar toy that required constant balancing and concentration. It is a great tool to help them prepare for later transition onto toys like bikes.  A few of the features to look for when shopping for a good scooter include the following.

  • ease of transport (i.e.. does it fold up to take less space. etc.)
  • Frame material should be strong enough to last several years (e.g.: stainless steel or aluminum)
  • Being designed for a wider age range means it is more likely to be made out of sturdy materials and includes a height adjustment option
  • Anti-slip material on the deck to keep the child from having repeated accidental falls
  • Satisfied customer ratings and reviews
  • A warranty is also a good bonus for any device

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Get a Scooter?

In addition to being great learning tools for your child, they are also a great way to make sort commutes fun. They are easy to transport so you can take them pretty much anywhere and they make for an excellent: environmentally-friendly form of transportation for young children and adults alike. You can get the whole family in on the action and have a blast at local parks or bike paths.

How Difficult Are Scooters to Assemble?

Most scooters are very easy to assemble and disassemble. They may require a wrench or other small tool. which is generally included in the kit at the time of purchase. Almost any scooter available for sale online will have downloadable instructions manual in case the paper copy is lost

How Old Should a Child Be Before Riding a Scooter?

You can start teaching your child to ride a scooter as young as 2 years old though there will need to be significant oversight while doing so until they are familiar with the toy and are able to control their balance better. Children’s scooters for this age group almost always have some form of balance control: such as a third wheel or automatic stabilization technology.

How Safe are Children’s Scooters?

Any ridable device can result in injury for children or adults. However: if proper safety precautions are taken to mitigate the risk of serious harm to children while riding scooters they should be fine. Make sure they know how to properly speed up. slow down. stop. and turn before leaving them to ride on their own. No matter how long they have been riding: do not allow young children to use scooters unsupervised

You also need to make sure that you provide proper safety wear and that your child knows how to wear them properly. Even when riding on “soft” ground it is essential to make sure that your child always wears a well-fitted helmet whenever they are operating the scooter. Head injuries are the most common complaint: so keeping that area of them protected is critical.

What Safety Gear Does Your Child Need Before They Can Ride?

A helmet is required for any child using a scooter. It is also recommended that you acquire additional joint guards such as knee pads. Elbow guards: wrist guards: and shoulder pads. This will help to keep the child from sustaining any serious injury if they lose their balance and fall. It is also best not to wear short clothing until they are more used to riding on the scooter: otherwise skinned shins: knees: and forearms are likely to get skinned even during very minor falls.

Never allow your child to ride outside while barefoot There are obstacles outdoors: which may cause serious injury if your child falls on thern Indoors barefoot is fine: but closed-toed shoes are best when riding scooter outdoors.

What is the Best Size for My Child?

This will depend on your child’s weight and height You want to make sure that whatever scooter you buy will not be grown out of within six months or a year. We go over this information In more detail in the section below titled “Scooter Size.” Children’s scooters usually come in the following sizes based on wheel dimensions.

Small Sizes: 3.94 inches (100mm): 472 inches (120mm): and 4.92 inches (125mm)

Medium Sizes: 571 inches (145mm) and 7.09 inches (180mm)

Large sizes: 7.87 inches (200mm) and 8.07 inches (205mm)

Can the Folding Button Engage While My Child is Riding?

every manufacturer has its own unique safety designs. and the majority of them are made so that if there is any weight placed on the foot deck: then the folding ability cannot engage. This is a safety feature so that your child’s scooter does not suddenly collapse if they accidentally hit the latch/button/etc. while in motion.

How Does Lean-to-Steer Work?

This is one of the most popular types of turning technologies used in scooters. It is simple to use and provides greater stability and control for your child without sacrificing maneuverability. The child only needs to lean slightly in one direction or the other in order for the scooter to curve slowly in that direction. It makes gradually learning how to turn much easier to control while your child is still getting used to riding.

Additional Information

Below is some additional information that you might find helpful when navigating the online retailers that offer different styles of scooters. There are multiple standard models and materials that scooters can be made from: and it is crucial to get the one that is right for your child’s play style.

Three-Wheel Scooters vs. Two-Wheel Scooters

Three-wheel scooters provide a safety net of sorts for your child as they learn how to balance on a moving device and while standing on only one leg. The lean-to-steer technology available on some devices: in addition to the third wheel. can make it nearly self-stabilizing In most terrains.  No matter which type of scooter you get: your child will be able to perform the same riding techniques. Generally: it is recommended that 2 to 5-year-olds use scooters with three wheels: and then they can switch over to two-wheeled scooters at 6 years old

No matter which type you get there will be a need for direct supervision and more extended training periods before allowing your child to be left alone to operate their scooter. This Will ensure that they have fully mastered the steering and balance required to stay upright and avoid accidents. Once your child is old enough to use a WVO-wheel scooter: then they will be able to transition much more naturally to similar hobby devices in the future (e.g.: skateboarding: roller skating: biking).

Expected Lifespan of a Children’s Scooter

How long you can expect a child’s scooter to last will be determined by the materials it is made out of: whether or not it comes equipped with adjustable handlebars: and how well it is taken care of between uses. Scooters that are made almost entirely of plastic tend to break down faster and easier. Aluminum and stainless steel have more longevity though they cannot be left out in the weather for long periods of time.

Most manufacturers have replacement parts so that if something wears out or is broken: you can replace it This is not always the case: but usually. you can keep a child’s scooter working until they reach a size where they have fully grown out of it If you intend to get one that will last several years: make sure that it is built by a brand that does make replacement pieces available for sale.

Which Surfaces are Best for Riding

The scooters that work best for beginner riders tend to have plastic wheels. and these are best for use in indoor locations such as your home: garage. or skate park. They are not meant for roads or pathways that have significant potholes or dips. Grass can also cause problems if it is long enough to get caught in the small-diameter wheels. Very flat surfaces with little variation are best (e.g.: linoleum: concrete: carpet: skate parks: etc.).

Scooter Size

Tire diameter is the best indicator of overall size for a child’s scooter. The larger the wheel size: the harder it is to control in turns. Braking and total speed control are also affected by wheel size. To start out With. you want to make sure that the scooter has small enough wheels so that the handlebars do not rest higher than your child’s chest Any higher: and it will be too difficult to control safely.

If you are having two children share an adjustable scooter: make sure that it gets appropriately readjusted and all the bolts tightened before either one uses it; otherwise, the handlebars might become loose and cause an accident Most scooter manufacturers make this process very easy and straightforward

Maintaining Your Child’s Scooter

The maintenance for scooters is very basic. and you can even include it as a chore or learning experience for your child Wiping off the foot deck and handlebars will keep them looking and functioning great for a long time. You can use a wet cloth for cleaning and then dry it when done. It is best not to leave scooters to air dry – especially outdoors or if the frame is metal. For plastic models: it is okay to hose it down outside after use to keep it clean.

If your child notices that a wheel is sticking: you can use a toothbrush to get packed in dirt and debris out of the wheel. You can also lubricate the bearings if they start to grind together for smoother riding. There is also handy manufacturer guides online for replacing damaged or aged parts such as the handlebar foam or deck no-slip material.


Scooters are a fun gift for any child and they come with a lot of positive benefits. If you have a child that is active and likes to be outdoors with their friend group. then this is going to be a fantastic gift for them. It is best to be able to test out a scooter model in person so that you can see how your child reacts With it Also: it is easier to determine the size when you are able to compare it in person and see how much height adjustment it can actually get when fully extended

If you do not have an in-person retailer near you. then be sure to read the details of product descriptions along with reviews and customer responses. Most scooters have video reviews that allow you to see It In the action before making any decisions. You now have all the information at your disposal that is necessary to make an educated: informed decision when purchasing your child’s first scooter. All of the hard work is done: so now you can focus on enjoying the experience with your child and creating positive memories that will last a lifetime.

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