Best Skateboard Wheels for Street: Reviews and Buying Guide

I have always said that nothing beats a great experience on wheels. To enjoy every moment on your skateboard, you must find a formidable skateboard design. How do you do that? Make sure that your skateboard has got genuine formidable parts. One of the major parts that you should pay the most attention to is the wheels.

Ask yourself this, “Do I have the best skateboard wheels for street?” or change the question depending on your riding location. If your answer is in the affirmative, then you are geared up to go. In this post, I am giving you a smart buying guide, more information, and the most comprehensive reviews of the best skateboard wheels for street.

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Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

If you are looking for reliable skateboard wheels that you can use on the streets, choosing the Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels is not wrong at all. The stylish green colored wheels are cool and will easily fit into your budget. The model is also pretty easy to fit on your skateboard and will hardly take any time.

But what really makes these skateboard wheels some of the best models to work with? Take a look at the best features of this skateboard wheels yet. First, this skateboard wheels have a wide diameter. Sitting at 60 mm wheels diameter, this wide diameter gives these set of wheels a huge clearance.

Your skateboard deck will never drag on the surface. Instead, you’ll have one of the best riding experiences. Secondly, the wheels have a 78A durometer. This means that they are hard enough to give you a smooth riding experience over any type of surface around the streets, including pavements too.

In addition to that, the wheels initiate the best contact patch. You will have enough grip on the surface and, arguably, a non-slip touch on the ground. This makes the wheels the best addition to your skateboarding setup if you are looking at cruising on your wheels at some point.

As if that’s not enough, the green color is also a cool addition for riders that love a style of their own. If this color fits your style, you should be home and dry. One thing that I love about this pack of skateboard wheels, though, is its wavy design. This is great for quick traction. You will use these skateboard wheels on any surface and still find a straight-up movement. Shark Wheel California Rolls Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a - Green


  • 60 mm wheels diameter
  • 78A durometer
  • Wavy design
  • Green color
  • 8 ounces of weight


  • Less friction
  • More speed
  • Better traction
  • Cool colors
  • Durable/ lasts longer
  • Light in weight


  • Limited colors to choose from


Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels

The next set of wheels that I find fascinating is the Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels. You don’t want to miss out on these wheels if you can afford them. Wheel, they don’t cost that much. However, it is their design and features that set them apart when it comes to choosing a great wheelset for your skateboard.

But which features are these?

For starters, Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels come with very cool and stylish colors. While the wheels are easy to work with, it is the colors that set these skateboard wheels apart. These best skateboard wheels for street give you an option to choose between three different sets of colors, including blue, orange, and purple.

Next, this set of wheels do come with a strong and durable core. The skateboard wheels have a fully exposed 46 mm core. The core helps the skateboard wheels to reduce weight while at the same time, providing quick acceleration. Another great technology is that these sets of skateboard wheels come with is the sharp square lips. These types of lips will give the skateboard wheels maximum grip and a smooth sliding touch.

Even so, the wheels also have an 80 mm diameter. This is a pretty large diameter for skateboard wheels. It offers the skateboarding setup an awesome clearance and leaves the wheels with an easy design to plow over rocks, sticks, and cracks. Another thing that gives these skateboard wheels the best touch is the use of an original Orangatang urethane technology. This design enables the skateboard wheels to have a smooth, plush, and grippy design with a buttery-smooth slide.Best Skateboard Wheels for Street: Reviews and Buying Guide


  • Fully exposed 46 mm core
  • 80 mm diameter
  • Orangatang urethane technology
  • Sharp square lips
  • 80 A durometer


  • Maximum traction
  • Smooth glides
  • Wide clearance
  • Durable core
  • Quicker acceleration


  • Dulls up when dirty


Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Finally, to cap our top three best skateboard wheels for street is the Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels. So what makes this set of skateboard wheels a great option for both new and pro riders? This model comes with some of the coolest features that I know of.

These features are easy to work with and will provide you with one of the best skateboard wheels user experiences too. Take a look at these features. Like many other models that we have seen, this set of skateboard wheels also come with a wider wheel diameter. The diameter is set at 75 mm and will leave you with one of the best skateboard clearances.

This makes the skateboard wheels an easy model to ride with over cracks, sticks, rocks, and rough roads. In addition to that, these skateboard wheels also come with sharp square lips. This is a cool addition for the people who want to enjoy easy and fast skateboard wheel traction.

You will easily slide through and achieve some of the most insane speed ever on your skateboard wheels. Again, the skateboard wheels also come rippled urethane pattern. This is a great wheel pattern that allows you to enjoy a progressive rebound from your skateboard wheels.

That’s not all. To complete the skateboard wheel system is the strong supportive core. This type of core will maintain a smooth slide and excellent traction too. The core is also very durable and will leave you with a great thrill.Best Skateboard Wheels for Street: Reviews and Buying Guide


  • 75 mm wheel diameter
  • Sharp square lips
  • Urethane formula
  • Strong supportive core


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth riding
  • Three durometers
  • Easy plow over cracks
  • Cool colors


  • Takes some time to fit


Best Skateboard Wheels for Street: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Now that you have seen our top three reviews when it comes to the best skateboard wheels for street, how can you land your most suitable set? Take a look at this skateboard wheel buying guide. We have included every feature that you may need to work with.


The wheels durometer is important. Durometer refers to the softness or hardness of a skateboard wheel. If the wheel is too hard, it initiates less grip and faster rides. But if the wheel is too soft, it gives more grip and better friction.


The next “D” of the best skateboard wheels is the diameter. With a wider diameter, you will get better clearance. You’ll get the smoothest rides with no hitches at all. Thanks to the wide space left between the skateboard deck and the skateboard wheels.


The color of the skateboard wheels plays a critical role in the choice that you will make. Most buyers prefer going with their favorite colors when choosing their best skateboard wheels.


A strong and durable core doesn’t offer a better lifespan to your skateboard wheels. No! Instead, it enables these wheels to support your weight without giving in. This is cool if you want a skateboard that doesn’t break when doing stunts.


Apart from what we have seen, the ability of your skateboard wheels to achieve the required speed in the intended timeline is awesome. This is irrespective of looking for a low, medium, or fast speeds.


No one wants to strain when buying their best skateboard wheels. This means that they must understand what the price of the wheels are and compare it with their budget. If the budget meets the price of the skateboard wheels, they can then buy.


The type of skateboard lips wheels that you are looking at is vital. Make sure that you have lips that are square or round. The two will provide you with better traction and an even better sliding experience.


Finally, keep your eyes open for the type of feedback given about the skateboard wheels that you are going for. Make sure that the reviews are on the positive. Too many negative skateboard wheels reviews are pointers to a bad experience.

Additional Information

Again I want to add some bonus information here. This information is one that you will find to be very helpful.

How to Choose Skateboard Wheels

Choosing your skateboard wheels should be a no brainer experience. Just find your best skateboard wheel models by following the user guide above. You can choose the best 5 models that suit your needs. Once you have these models rounded up, use the feedback from users and possibly the best integration technology to land the best model for you.

How to Install Skateboard Wheels

You will insert your skateboard bearings into the skateboard wheels. This is done by doing the following:

  • Remove nut and washers from your truck’s axel
  • Place bearings on truck axles
  • Keep the metallic side facing down
  • Insert bearings in every wheel that you have
  • Put the wheel on the axle (press to insert the bearings quickly)
  • Do the same for every wheel
  • Now insert the skateboard wheels on the trucks
  • Place washer on a truck
  • Insert the wheel
  • Conclude with a second washer
  • Secure wheel with nut using a skate tool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To leave you with the best experience, let me give frequently asked questions part in this review.

These FAQs are some of the most common concerns that new users have when it comes to buying skateboard wheels. Take a look!

How Can I Take Proper Care of My Skateboard Wheels?

Take proper care of your best skateboard wheels by cleaning the wheels after use. Remove dirt or mud from the wheels so that it performs efficiently. You should use the skateboard wheels in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. As if that’s not enough, take your time to fit in the skateboard wheels accordingly and to use them for their intended purpose.

Where Can I Buy Skateboard Wheels?

You can buy your skateboard wheels online. When you buy online, you’ll get the best prices. You will enjoy the offers. More importantly, you get your skateboard wheels delivered straight to your doorstep.

How Long Does It Take To Fit Skateboard Wheels?

Fitting your best skateboard wheels for streets is easy. IF you follow the user manual, the skateboard wheels will hardly take more than 5 minutes.


Now that you have read through our comprehensive reviews of the best skateboard wheels for street, do you understand how to purchase a model that completely suits your needs? I hope this post helped. If you are looking for a great set of wheels for your skateboard, make sure that you have sampled up some of the best models that you can get.

Among the top-rated but highly affordable models are the options that I gave you here. Even so, if you didn’t find a model that suits your needs for what we have seen, there is no harm in following the buyer’s guide that I have given you to land the best. Make sure that the model that you end up with is simple to use, fit in your skateboard truck systems, and above all that, very easy to take care of.

Always sample up a few models and read through the user reviews to understand the type of experience that you’ll have with it.

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