Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

In this post, I am going to give you some of the best tandem kayaks for your needs. These kayaks are designed for large people. They are easy to use and will leave you with the best experiences too. What makes these reviews special? For these best tandem kayaks for large person, I have looked through the bestsellers, user feedbacks and carried out personal experiments too. In addition to that, I have included need-to-know tips in this post.

Please take a look at our post and learn what to look for when buying and how to take proper care of your tandem kayaks. First, the reviews!

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

The first best tandem kayak that we are going to look at is the Intex Excursion Pro Kayak. This is a professional series inflatable fishing kayak for the most memorable kayaking experience.

The kayak is made out of the super-tough laminate material. The material is rigged with the polyester core so that it provides higher strength and better resistance. This makes the kayak more durable too. In addition to that, this type of build again ensures that the kayak can withstand high impact easily. It’s got a high-level abrasion resistance that gives it the best touch above the rest of the regular kayaks today.

While retaining the best lighter touch. This kayak weighs just about 43 pounds and, in so doing, provides you with the best portability. Even more, you will love it more for its high-pressure inflation technology that’ll provide you with the best rigidity and high-end stability. Thanks to its high-pressure valves for easy inflation and faster deflation.

But what else makes this kayak different? There is the super-tough 3-ply construction, which employs a high-grade molecular PVC touch. This type of build is unaffected by gasoline, oil, and saline water. best tandem kayak


  • Polyester core
  • High-level abrasion resistance
  • 3-ply construction
  • High-grade molecular PVC
  • 400 pounds capacity


  • Lightweight touch
  • High-pressure inflation technology
  • Extra rigidity
  • Super-tough laminate material
  • High-end stability


  • Takes some time to learn

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe Kayak

The next kayak that you can look for in this category again is the Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe Kayak. This 12ft kayak is highly resistant to damage and abrasion. It is durable and will comfortably wade off sunlight impact. Specially designed with a sit-on-top styled technology, this model is easy to use and will hardly prevent you from having a smoother experience.

Even better, this is a roto-molded type of fishing kayak that comes with a 5mm polyethylene design. Thanks to this design, this best tandem kayak for large person holds more weight and has a weight limit of about 250kg or 550 pounds.

The kayak, when used for fishing, will provide you with up to 4 molded-in types of fishing rod holders that you can use to hold your fishing rods and to keep your kayak neatly organized at all times. Even better, the kayak is specially designed with removable skews that’ll assure you of optimal maneuverability when in deep and shallow waters.

There are the two floor-mounted footrests that you can again use irrespective of your size and stature too. Use this kayak and enjoy one of the best storage spaces. You will have the best weight limit and could easily carry your family for a kayaking trip. best tandem kayak


  • Sit-on-top styled
  • Roto-molded
  • 5mm polyethylene
  • 550 pounds
  • Floor-mounted footrests


  • Removable skews
  • Optimal maneuverability
  • Floor-mounted footrests
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel D-rings


  • Needs deflation before storage

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135 | Sit-Inside Recreational Kayak

Apart from these first two kayaks, the other best tandem kayak that you can look at is a sit-inside recreational kayak called the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135. This is a great kayak with a simple but effective design. This is a two-person kayak that converts with ease into a solo use kayak for an awesome day on the waters.

The kayak features the signature rounded hull, which delivers swift acceleration and, in doing so, helps you to paddle for longer distances easily. The kayak has three AirPro seats too. These seats are fully adjustable and come with the best ergonomic seating design. They have a ventilated mesh that keeps you cooler even at high temperatures.

For a much more comfortable thigh and knee padding experience, this kayak will provide comfortable support with better boat control.

However, it is the large; padded footrests that you can rely on too for support and even comfort. Don’t worry if you are tall or short. This kayak again comes with an easy-to-adjust locking lever. This lever gives it an easy accommodation for paddlers of all kinds of heights. best tandem kayak for large person


  • Sit-Inside Recreational Kayak
  • Signature rounded hull
  • AirPro seats
  • Knee padding


  • Dry storage hatch
  • Stern bulkhead foam
  • Bulkheads
  • Less expensive kayak
  • Extra buoyancy


  • Takes some time to set up

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

Pelican Tandem Recreational Kayak | River Gorge 130X Tandem

The Pelican Tandem Recreational Kayak is again another kayak model that works best for tandem designs. Thanks to its River Gorge 130X tandem design that makes it an absolute design over the regular kayaks. Due to its build, these 13 feet kayak best tandem kayak will leave you with some awesome features to die for too.

For starters, this kayak is light in weight and so easy to carry design. It has two retractable carrying handles and hardly weighs 85 pounds. Even so, I still find it heavier when compared to most models that weigh far much less. The kayak comfortably accommodates one or two kayakers and provides you with an even larger weight limit of 500 lb. / 227 kg too. This means that you can comfortably carry more weight and possibly have a family kayaking trip out.

Apart from that, this kayak model again includes padded seating cushioning technology, which allows you to have a much more comfortable ride. In addition to that, there is the adjustable backrest that provides you with better support when you are out kayaking, fishing, or relaxing.

Thanks to its sit-on-top kayak design with an open cockpit, this kayak is easy to use. You will easily mount it and comfortably accommodate two kayakers too. This is boosted with the presence of the two ERGOFIT seating technology. best tandem kayak 2021


  • 13 feet kayak
  • 85 pounds
  • Weight limit of 500 lb.
  • Padded seating
  • Sit-on-top kayak


  • Padded seat cushion
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Better support
  • Two quick-lock hatches
  • Bungee lacing


  • No storage compartment in the middle

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Our next best tandem kayak for large person is the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak. This kayak is sporty and fun and comes with a streamlined design, which gives an easy paddling experience. The bright yellow color with sporty graphics are cool for high visibility in the water and will prevent accidents.

Even so, this kayak is perfect for use with two adults and gives a compact design too.  Made with high-grade rugged vinyl construction, this is a model kayak that gives a sturdy kayak design and an inflatable I-beam technology for a much rigid floor.

As such, this kayak is comfortable and rigid. It has a removable skeg that provides you with easy directional stability. There are two adjustable and inflatable seats that have padded backrests for much more comfortable too.

For a new kayaker, this model again provides you with a quick inflating or deflating experience. Thanks to its high-end pump and valve technology. There is a grab line and again a grab handle that’s provided at each end for a much more kayaking convenience. best tandem kayak reviews


  • Capacity: 400 Pounds
  • Directional stability
  • Removable SKEG
  • Sporty graphics
  • High-grade rugged vinyl


  • Inflatable seats
  • Increased visibility
  • Multi-Chine hull design
  • Ultra-stability
  • Paddle tie-downs


  • Comes with limited accessories

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

Intex Challenger Kayak Series

Apart from being one of the best tandem kayaks, the Intex Challenger Kayak Series is one of the bestselling kayaks that you will find today. The kayak has a high-performance approach and a better design too. Since it weighs just about 30 pounds, this kayak is one of the lightest kayaks that you will find today. You can easily carry it around when you are going for a kayaking trip.

Even better, the Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is again sporty and fun. It comes with a streamlined design that provides you with an easy paddling experience. More importantly, its bright green color with sporty graphics makes the kayak highly visible when in water. Like its sister above, buying this kayak will provide you with multiple accessories, including two 86-inch aluminum paddles.

Well, this is not the only thing. This kayak is again designed from a rugged and super tough vinyl. Thanks to this material of design, this kayak is highly resistant to puncture and damage by UV rays. Use this kayak and get a 400-pound maximum weight limit for a better kayaking experience with your partner. tandem kayak reviews


  • 30 pounds
  • Bright green color
  • Sporty graphics
  • Super tough vinyl
  • 400-pound maximum weight


  • Puncture resistant
  • Resistant to UV damage
  • High-end pump
  • Molded footrests
  • A repair patch kit


  • Slightly complex user manual

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak (HRH-KYT-1006)

Unlike the top best tandem kayak for large person that we just saw (Intex Challenger Series), this next kayak is heavier but so portable. The OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak (HRH-KYT-1006), which weighs about 85 pounds, is durable and easy to use. The kayak comes with brighter colors that make it more visible and, therefore, safer for use when in water. Even so, it is wide and best for two riders at always.

It has two seats that are easy to adjust quickly. The seats are again padded for comfort and will allow you to have an even better kayaking experience when there is a need. But that’s not all. The OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak weight limit allows it to be used for one or two riders and sometimes two plus a child. Its limit is set at 375-425 pounds, which is more or less like that of the better models that we have seen above.

With its three seating positions, which include the bow, stern, and middle position, this kayak will leave you with an easy solo or tandem kayaking experience. You will easily paddle your kayak and possibly have a tandem with a child on the two comfort plus seats. Enjoy the three molded-in seat wells and the gear straps for a much more personalized experience. OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak (HRH-KYT-1006)


  • 375-425 pound
  • Three seating positions
  • Three molded-in seat
  • Overlapping footwells
  • Molded-in handles
  • Two gel seats


  • Easy to learn
  • Light in weight
  • Best for all skills
  • Durable design
  • Adjustable seating


  • Limited seat adjustment

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135 | Sit on Top Tandem Fishing Kayak

The 13 feet tandem kayak is designed for the premium angler. However, its sit-on-top design makes it one of the best models that you can have around. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135 kayak is a super cool tandem kayak for guys who desire to have a smooth riding experience on a tandem kayak.

But what makes this kayak a superior model compared to the next? Apart from having several colors for easy visibility, this kayak gets the 3 Airpro seating technology. This is a seating technology that gives the most comfortable kayak seating out there. It leaves you with a fully adjustable seat.

The seat comes with a mesh fabric cover and honeycomb-vented technology for an even cooler experience. More importantly, the seat leaves you with an ergonomic 3D foam design that allows for even better airflow. The design again gives you easy to access front and back storage pockets that you can easily use to keep both your accessories and kayaking gears.

Again, you will have freedom for movement, D-ring technology, and, more importantly, a durable heavy PVC design. Its rugged design prevents it from the sun’s UV rays. However, the kayak is heavy compared to the other models that we have seen here. It weighs about 90 pounds.Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide


  • 13 feet tandem kayak
  • 3 Airpro seating
  • Adjustable seat
  • 3D foam design
  • D-ring technology
  • Heavy PVC design


  • Durable PVC design
  • Resistant to damages
  • Larger weight limit
  • Easy to secure
  • Large storage compartments


  • Heavier at 90 pounds

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak

I love the design that the OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak comes with. It is unique, cool, and more stylish than most models here. While it is very visible in the water, there are several other features that set it apart. This best tandem kayak weighs about 85 pounds but is still easy to move if you are going for a trip.

More importantly, the model has enough space for one or two kayakers. You can again use it for two kayakers plus a child. Like its sister above, this kayak has a weight limit of about 425 pounds. This maximum limit is perfect for parents with a child.

With that said, it is the overlapping footwells that maximize the type of experience that you will get from this kayak. Its design allows for a center-seated paddler. It gives a comfortable foot bracing and provides you with the side carry handles. To maximize its comfort, this kayak comes with two comfort plus seats and three molded-in seat wells too.

There are the gear straps and the patented overlapping footwells. If you want an experience like no other, you can again incorporate the use of the molded-in handles and a skid plate. Use this kayak today and get a high-end, rigid PVC construction and a three seating position of the bow, stern, and the middle. OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak


  • 85 pounds
  • 425 pounds
  • Overlapping footrests
  • Three molded-in seat
  • Molded-in handles
  • PVC construction


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to transport
  • Large weight limit
  • Durable PVC build
  • Ideal for long kayaking


  • Limited hues to choose from

Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Tandem Kayak Buying Guide 2021

With the reviews dusted, if you want to get the best tandem kayak for large person, you have to know what to look out for. In this section, I will provide you with the factors to consider when buying the ideal tandem kayak for your needs.


First, the design of the kayak is very important. While we have the sit-in kayaks and the sit on top kayaks, most of the best tandem kayaks will offer a sit on top design. As such, it is important that you get the right design for your needs.

Look for a design that enables you to have easy use of the said kayak that you have chosen for your use.


Another very important thing that you should consider is the seating technology. Make sure that you get seating technology for comfort. Look for adjustable seating technology. In addition to that, you must again ensure that the seats are padded for a more comfortable design too.


How many people can your kayak carry? This one should match the number of people that you want to go kayaking with. If you are going solo, look for a one-person kayak. If you want to bring your partner, have a two person kayak.

Even so, there are some kayak models that’ll allow you to bring your partner and child or pet. These are the best for family kayaking.

Weight Limit

Closer to the point above is the weight limit. Even so, you could have more weight to carry, especially for the fishing kayaks. That’s why knowing your weight limit is very important at any time. Make sure that you have a better weight limit. Look for a kayak that can support your weight plus your partner’s in case you are two. More importantly, the kayak should handle any additional weight too. Remember that failure to do that could mean damages for your kayak. Such damages include puncture and leakages.


Again, it is very important that you have a durable kayak. The good thing about a durable kayak is its ability to give back the value for your money. As it is, the best way to determine if a kayak is durable is to look at the type of material used to construct the kayak. Look for rugged but durable materials that can withstand harsh, kayaking environments. Here are some of the best materials that you can look at.

  • High-Density PVC
  • Carbon fiber
  • Tarpaulin
  • Polyester


For the best tandem kayak for large person, the need for a cool or bright color is very important. Look for a color that’s easy to spot. This will make it easy for the other vessels to spot your kayak when you are in the water. It is one of the simplest ways to avert accidents when in the water. More importantly, a great color again adds to the type of style that you get. Look for a kayak’s color that matches your needs and one that enables you to have a personalized touch with the kayak’s model that you want to buy.


The other important factor to consider is the size of the kayak. A good size will be easy to store. An inflatable model is easy to store, too, since it is collapsible. Before you look at the size of the kayak that you want to buy, make sure that you have determined the size of the space that you have for storage too.


While some kayaks have deep hulls for better traction, others come with removable SKEG. The choice you make depends on your preference. Just make sure that you get an easy experience controlling your kayak.


For any kayak, it is important to have a space that you can store your personal accessories in. These accessories include coolers, PFDs, and swimsuits. A dry bag is often very ideal. However, you can have a middle, rear, or front storage spaces too. Proper storage facilities in a kayak will enable you to have a better organization in your kayak. They are integral to keeping your kayak neat and properly organized too.


Finally, when looking for the best tandem kayak, make sure that you look at the weight of the kayak. A good kayak should be portable. It should be easy to transport and to move from one place to the next. Make sure that you get a kayak that you can easily move with, especially if you want to go for a kayaking trip. Collapsible models such as inflatable kayaks are often light in weight and easy to transport.

Additional Information

To give you a better relationship with a tandem kayak, here are some additional tips that I find to be very necessary. They are easy to follow and will shine more light on what tandem kayaks are how they work. Take a look!

What You Need To Know About Tandem Kayaks

The first thing that I will talk about is what you need to know about tandem kayaks. To give you a better perspective, here are some of the best tips to keep in mind when paddling your tandem kayak.

Tandem Kayak’s Size

The one thing that you should know about tandem kayaks is these tandems are generally longer and wider when compared to single kayaks. This type of design makes them faster and much more stable. It is due to these reasons that this type of kayak is better for new learners, kids, parents, and even pets. In fact, once you have sat inside the kayak, you don’t even have to paddle if you are at the front part of the kayak.

Straight Tandem Riding

Again, some tandems come readily equipped with a rudder. This helps them to steer the kayak on a straight line and to make the smaller course corrections easily. Nonetheless, for the tandem kayaks, the rudder isn’t so much necessary. If you have a tandem kayak, the easiest way to the kayak is to have the front paddler take a forward sweep stroke around one side, and this will sweep the kayak on a wide arc around the side. At the same time, make sure that the stern paddler takes the back sweep stroke to the opposite side of your kayak.

Tandem Kayak with Kids

When you are paddling your tandem kayak with your kids, there are several things that you’ll have to keep in mind. First, the kids, just like the adults, should ensure that they have their personal floating devices on. They should be positioned on the upfront of the kayak so that you can easily keep your eyes on them while paddling. Another option that you can go with is to have your kid in between your legs when paddling. This tool allows you to keep your kid under tight control.

NOTE: When paddling with a kid, you must ensure that you paddle on calm waters. In addition to that, you should stay closer to the shoreline.

Safety Measures When Using a Tandem Kayak

Like the other kayaks, it is important to practice safety measures when using a tandem kayak. Here are some of the best safety tips.

  • Kayak in calm waters
  • Learn how to kayak before going to the water
  • Always follow the proper rigging technique for your kayak
  • Use the safety gears including PFD
  • Dress appropriately
  • Keep tabs on the type of weather pattern
  • Watch out for the kayak’s capacity

NOTE: Irrespective of who you have in your kayak, always make sure that everyone wears protective gear, including your personal pet.

Uses of a Tandem Kayak

The type of tandem kayak that you have will have different types of uses. Some of the uses of a tandem kayak include:

  • Recreational
  • Sports
  • Racing
  • Fishing

What you choose to use your tandem kayak for is absolutely up to you. Make sure that the type of use that you go with fits your needs.

How to Take Proper Care Of Your Best Tandem Kayak

The other thing that you need to learn if you’ve got your best tandem kayak is how to take proper care of the kayak. To do that, you can practice the following care tips that I am going to list here.

  • Pack your kayak to its weight limit
  • Seal any leakages and punctures instantly
  • Follow the user manual to the last word
  • Make use of warranties for manufacture defects
  • Store your kayak properly to avert damages
  • Clean your kayaks once you have used it

Proper care and maintenance of your kayak ensure that your kayak lasts longer and gives you value for your money.

FAQs: Best Tandem Kayak

Finally, let us look at some of the common concerns that most people have when it comes to the best tandem kayak.

What should I look for in my tandem kayak?

Look for the length. You should avoid buying the shorter tandem kayaks. Shorter tandem kayaks are less stable. In other words, the shorter the kayak, the less water it displaces, which makes it less stable.

Can you use the best tandem kayak alone?

Yes. However, paddling alone will leave you with a bit cumbersome paddling experience with your tandem kayaks.

Where should the stronger paddler sit?

When paddling the best tandem kayak for large person, the stronger paddler should always sit in the stern.

Where should the heavier person sit?

For your tandem kayak to ride best, the paddler that weighs more sits at the back. Having more weight on the stern means that you will get a better than additional load around the front part of the boat.


With that said, you have seen the best tandem kayaks that you could choose for a great kayaking experience. In addition to that, you have again seen some of the need-to-know tips that any kayaker should keep in mind. To get the best experience, you should choose from these best kayak reviews the best tandem kayak for large person which meets your needs. Once you have done that, you can then determine the type of experience that you need by looking through the user feedbacks.

Buying your best kayak with a tandem online will leave you with a better price rate and direct warranties that you can take advantage of. Take proper care of your kayak so that you can get a model that lasts longer and provides you with an even better value for your money too. And to get the best options, reading through top-rated reviews such as what we have presented you with will again be helpful.

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