Cheap Longboards under 50: Top Models for Every Long boarder

Fifteen years ago, when I wanted to learn how to longboard, I didn’t quite have the money to get all the gears that I needed. Nonetheless, I had to find a way, for I wasn’t stopping at anything. So what did I do? I decided to cut down my spending and find the most affordable longboarding gears. That’s how I landed for the cheap longboards under 50. The years have flown by, but luckily for newbie longboarders, such boards can still be found.

That’s why I have sampled some of the best cheap longboards under 50 for you to start from. My reviews are comprehensive and include bestsellers with top-rated features.

Take a look!

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Longboard

For our cheap longboards under 50, we will start with an all-around model that’s simple to use and readily available for most users – this a longboard model with an artistic and simply cool design. The RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Longboard, like the name suggests, measures 22 inches in length. It is easy to carry around and will fit in almost every type of backpack that you’ve bought.

More importantly, the model is safe and readily acceptable for transportation through an airline today. With a deck width of about 6 inches, this board is spacious enough for any user that needs freedom of movement. It will give you value for money and will last longer than you’ve anticipated too. Thanks to its high-end metallic alloy design that comprises aluminum alloy and again heavy-duty plastics, among other things.

The trucks are made out of the same material (aluminum) and will last longer than most regular trucks too. You can, therefore, use this longboard for riding on rough terrains, for high speed riding down the hill, and, more importantly, for the smoothest gliding around town.

One thing that I love about this longboard, though, is its wheels. Like those of a top model longboard, this one comes with high-grade polyurethane wheels. As such, the wheels will last longer, minimize the rate of wheel replacement, and, more importantly, leave you with one of the smoothest rides today.

Due to this type of design, the board is strong and will support large weight limits. On a recommended weight span, this board can easily support 200 pounds (90 Kgs). In addition to that, this board again comes in various colors and designs. It forms a popular longboard design for teens who want to get around in a style of their own.

Thanks to the solid 3-inch aluminum trucks, smooth bearing, and the PU wheels, you can always count on the RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Longboard as your top choice.

TIP: Best for rough terrains, both kids and adults, and for buyers who are working on a tight budget. RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard (Black & Green)


  • 22” Long x 6” Deck
  • 3” Aluminium Trucks
  • PU Wheel
  • High-Speed Bearing
  • Weight 198 LB (90KGS)


  • Fully assembled model
  • Smooth riding design
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Various colors and styles
  • Larger and safe wheels
  • Complete user manual


6-inch wide deck might feel smaller for some


Fish Adults and Kids Skateboard – Mini Cruiser

Apart from the cheap longboards under 50 that you may have thought of, the Fish Adults and Kids Skateboard – Mini Cruiser comes in second. This is a model like no other. It has a design of its own that makes it very unique. For starters, the board, like the name suggests, is a mini longboard. And as such, it will make it easy for you if you intended to fit it inside your backpack for a weekend outside the city.

The deck width measures about 10 inches, which is slightly larger than what we have seen in the model above. This means more space, freedom of movement, and better overall control while riding. Apart from that, the mini cruiser skateboard’s deck is designed with a solid high-grade plastic board too. The board is, therefore, very durable and, more so, unique and stable in its overall design.

In addition to that, this longboard is set with a handle around the edge of the deck. This makes the board easy to carrying in the hand when in town, relaxing or buying groceries for the house too. Thanks to this heavy-duty plastic design, this board’s deck will easily hold about 175 pounds of weight. This is a good weight range for teens, younger riders, and smaller adults.

Remember that this isn’t a toy longboard but rather a solid skateboard that will provide you with the satisfaction that you need. Like the top-rated models, it comes with solid trucks and wheels which are customized with the reverse kingpin trucks for the wide stance and smooth turning.

These features are additional bushings that are designed with the same color as that of the wheels for an even more pleasurable style. Thankfully, the model comes with wide trucks for additional stability, better control, and a smoother ride too.

The wheels measure 58mm in the overall diameter for better clearance. They are again soft and will provide you with reliable traction when riding and especially if turning. For a smooth glide, the manufacturers of this Fish type of longboard have incorporated high-grade bearings with an ABEC-11 rating. EasyGoProdcuts EGP-Fish-001-R Fish Adults and Kids Skateboard – Mini Cruiser – Light Weight and Portable – Beginners to Experts, Red


  • 10 inches wide deck
  • High-grade plastic deck
  • 175 pounds limit
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • 58mm wheel diameter
  • ABEC-11 rating
  • Stylish logo (Fish)


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Wide stance/ Spacious
  • Smooth turning
  • Additional stability
  • Better control
  • Smoother ride


  • Additional plastic not stronger than metal


SANSIRP 17” Skateboards (Lightweight and Portable Mini Longboard)

For a price of less than 50 USD, this is another longboard that will easily fit the bill and leave you with better satisfaction. It is designed with cool colors, which make standing out among the rest an easy feat altogether. More importantly, it comes with a stylish logo on the deck that stands out quite well. But what actually makes this mini cruiser to tick?

Well, the mini style that the board comes with gives it an awesome design. It makes the board stylish and super cool when in motion or when set for storage. Even so, this longboard comes with several features that you’ll find to be quite irresistible. For starters, the board is made of a high-grade maple material.

This material provides this longboard with high-end performance and incorporates a matte finish for a superior quality finish. In addition to this top-level material, there is again the high-grade strength. This longboard is fitted with 7 layers of maple for additional strength and durability.

There is the incorporation of the coverage grip tape on top of the deck, which makes it much more durable safer for any type of rider (pro or newbie). In my view, this is one of the cheap longboards under 50 with the best-personalized design. The model has a 17-inch mini design and features a customized logo design.

It features the most durable heat transfer graphics with anti-slip technology and the best waterproofing touch and durability. Focus more on the mini design if you intend to carry it simply. Even better, this longboard design has a CE safety certification. It comes with high-performance ABEC-7 bearings that leave its wheels spinning for longer and with a smooth touch.

This longboard is comfortable and again has a good ergonomic handle design, which makes it easier to carry around, transport, or to hold when not in use. With an alloy steel bearing material, this longboard is safe and will carry up to 300 pounds of weight. It weighs just 4.5 pounds and, more importantly, comes with some of the smoothest polyurethane wheels. SANSIRP 17'' Skateboards Complete Lightweight and Portable Mini Skateboard, Wide Small Wood Skateboards Cruiser with LED Wheels for Adults and Kids


  • 7 layers of the maple
  • Grip tape
  • 17-inch mini design
  • CE safety certification
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • 300 pounds
  • 5 pounds


  • Smooth gliding wheels
  • Easy control for all
  • Safe and durable deck
  • Stylish touch and design
  • Portable and light
  • LED wheels


  • Needs cleaning after every use


Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Longboard

Finally, for the reviews of our cheap longboards under 50, we have a simple and rather easy to use a longboard model. This is the latest model from Kryptonics, the Stubby 19 Inch Complete Longboard. This is one of the best longboards that you can buy when you are on a tight budget. The model stands at 19 inches long. It is safe to carry in a backpack and will hardly leave you feeling exhausted.

Even better, the longboard is highly durable. It is designed from thick maple wood. The maple is set in a 7-ply wood deck and will leave you with top-rated flex, among other things. But that’s not all. Thanks to its mini fat compact design, this cruiser shaped board comes with fully printed top graphics for additional style.

The model has a single kicktail design and a rather new carry handle. Thanks to its 60mm x 45mm polyurethane wheels, you will also have a smooth glide with a top clearance. With these wheels, you will get the best traction too. Personally, I love this longboard due to its carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings that deliver the smoothest rides irrespective of the surface you are riding on.

In addition to that, I again in love with heavy-duty aluminum trucks. They are 5-inch trucks with soft polyurethane type of injected bushings. An additional 4mm riser pads are set in the model to support heavier weights and faster speeds. That’s why this longboard supports up to 110 pounds of weight.

This is one of the longboard models that will leave you with an even better user experience if you were a newbie. When not being used, you can store comfortably store them without any worries of taking more space or making your hands fatigued. More importantly, you can share it with your 8-year-old kid and still have some great fun at any time. Use this longboard for both beginners and pro riders in case you want the best experience with these boards. Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Skateboard - Cali Authentic


  • 19 inch long
  • 7-ply wood deck
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Carbon steel bearings
  • ABEC-3 bearings
  • Heavy-duty aluminum trucks
  • 5-inch trucks
  • 110 pounds of weight


  • Durable maple wood
  • Easy control
  • Better stability
  • Larger wheels for clearance
  • Portable and light


  • Can’t handle beyond 110 pounds


Cheap Longboards under 50: The Buying Guide

With that said and done, what are some of the best factors that you should keep in mind when buying a longboard? For the cheap longboards under 50, the factors are many. In this section, I have included the most vital ones.


While it may cost only 50 USD, it doesn’t mean that the longboard shouldn’t be durable. Proper design is, therefore, very important. You must make sure that your longboard is tailored to last longer and perform better. To last longer, here are some of the things that you must keep in mind.

  • 7-ply wood deck
  • Carbon steel bearings
  • Heavy-duty aluminum trucks
  • Metallic alloy trucks


The trick that a longboard has over a skateboard is its size. A longboard will offer the leverage of space. It’ll allow you to move freely and, in so doing, leave you with better stability. As such, a longboard that you are buying should be spacious. Look for a longer board with wider breadth for your use.


Don’t have a board that will be frustrating to carry around. A lightboard is great and will leave you with an even greater experience. It is easy to carry around, and you can use it to commute to work, school, and the grocery shop.

Look for weights that are easy to push around, one that will pick up fast, and a model that’ll leave you with a great riding touch.


Most top-rated longboard models will use polyurethane wheels. These wheels are durable and ideal for long-distance rides. Having them in a cheap longboard of under 50 is, therefore, a bonus. Make sure that the wheels are bigger, too, to provide you with the best clearance under your deck.

Better clearance means a less bumpy ride. It again means that you will have an opportunity to cruise, which is why a longboard was originally designed.


Finally, make sure that the longboard that you’ve purchased can hold your weight. Looking for a model that your body weight falls within its weight limit is very important.

You will have the chance to enjoy the best experience without any worries about an accident or injury. Since longboards aren’t designed for tricks but rather a long-distance riding, they don’t have so much flex. As such, using a board whose weight limit is below your body weight will easily lead to breakage and fatal accident.


The truck is the main part that holds the wheels. It is again the part that your deck lies on (holds the deck). Without the truck, the longboard cannot move. But what makes a great truck for a longboard?

Simply put, a truck should be very durable. Looking for a truck that’s made out of a metallic alloy is equally important for a cheap longboard of under 50. This means that it will withstand wear and tear and the heavy use involved with so much riding.

In addition, that a higher truck will mean less or no contact with the ground. This, in other words, equates to smooth riding.

ABEC Rating

The performance of any type of longboard bearing is rated using the ABEC technology. Better ratings mean smooth performances. At the same time, poor ratings will mean the opposite. To ensure that you get the best experience, you should look for a higher rating.

An ABEC rating of at least 5 is good for cheap longboards under 50. They will leave it with better performance that could surpass lots of regular longboard designs that we could have today.

Additional Information

Now that you have seen how to determine the best longboard under 50, what more should we look at? Here are some of the most vital information that you need to keep in mind when dealing with such longboards.


It is important to understand that longboards don’t offer so much flex. Flex, which means the ability to bend without breaking, is often focused on when designing skateboards. The reason for this is simple.

Skateboards are used for unlimited board tricks. As such, it must be flexible not to break under your weight.

Longboards, on the other hand, are designed to provide smoother rider when cruising. This is why they are wider and with limited flexing capacity.


For the cheap longboards under 50, it all comes to the price first. The price must fall within the 50 USD mark. This is why we say it is under 50. Make sure that you scout for a price that suits such a budget. Indeed, your budget shouldn’t surpass the 50 USD mark too.


The wheel durometer refers to the softness or the hardness of the longboard wheels. For a better cruising experience, it is important that the wheels are softer and larger. Softer wheels are marked with higher durometer ratings.

An 80A durometer is softer, which means that it offers more grip and will prevent any accidental falls, unlike a 78A durometer that’s slightly harder.


When you look at a longboard, you will notice that towards the end of the board is flat. The same design is set at the head of the board too. This flat trail makes it easy to ride the board for long distances.

It prevents falls and provides you with a flatter surface that leaves you with better and easy control. This is unlike the skateboards, which is somewhat curved to allow you to do tricks around a single area.


To ride your longboard at high speeds, it is important that the longboard is stable. How is this possible? Well, it is easy; longboards are designed with trucks and wheels that extend beyond the board’s width.

When this happens, the board becomes stable as it sinks a little in between the wheels and the trucks. That way, it gets the best results for anyone who intends to cruise.


Finally, you must understand how to ride safely. For longboards, it starts by wearing the right safety gear and end with focusing on a board that’s tailored for the sport. When looking for a board, look for a wide board with softer wheels.

NOTE: A combination of all these factors that I have mentioned here is what will determine an ideal longboard for your use. More importantly, safety is an absolute factor that you must consider. In doing so, you will ensure that you get the best results out of every ride that you take.

FAQs: Cheap Longboards Under 50

In addition to what we have seen, I will take you through some of the common questions that people who want to learn how to longboard often ask. I have compiled them from several tips that I found while riding.

What Features Provide the Best Safety on Longboards?

For longboards, looking for a board that’s wide is good. Such a board will provide you with enough space to balance on. A wider board will again leave you with better gravity. Even so, softer wheels are equally important as they provide a better grip on the ground when cruising around.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Longboard Under 50?

Buying such longboards is no brainer at all. While you can buy them around the mall, I suggest buying them online. When buying online, you will enjoy better offers, a variety of models to choose from, and, more importantly, get the longboard delivered at your doorstep. This is what makes online buying awesome!

What Types of Safety Gears Should I Have?

Like any other sports that require you to protect yourself, longboarding will need the same. Look for a helmet, elbow and knee protection pads, and above all that, find the right boots for your ride.

Is a Longboard Easy to Learn?

Yes. Since it is wide with better stability, the longboard will allow you to learn how to balance faster. You will get a better grip on the process in no time. In fact, most people who want to learn how to skateboard are advised to start out on a longboard to build on their balancing faster.

NOTE: In longboarding, patience is very important if you want to learn in the right way and if you intend to get the best results too. So take your time.

Our Top 3 Recommended Cheap Longboards Under 50

For the top three models that I will recommend, it is important to remember that the way I have made these choices will differ from one longboard to the next. It will include not only the pricing but again the model of design. Take a look.

SANSIRP 17” Skateboards (Lightweight and Portable Mini Longboard)

This mini board is light. It is easy to carry around and will fit in almost every backpack. But what makes it click? The price is awesome. While it comes at the lowest pricing here, it is very effective for teens who want to learn how to skate. That’s why I highly recommend it.

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Longboard

This is my number one model for any longboard rider that wants something affordable with a touch of both worlds. The model falls within the mid-range level in pricing and will leave you with quality riding and a durable edge.

You will have a medium-sized board that runs for a long and provides you with a better stance. One thing I love about this longboard is the size of its deck. It is an easy place to swing around on.

Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Longboard

Finally, if you want better performance and a unique design but still under 50 USD, Kryptonics Stubby 19 Inch Complete Longboard is the board for you. It is easy to work with and will leave you with some of the best performances.

The model is equally long-lasting and, with proper use, will last even longer than expected. It is easy to learn and offers insane speeds.


For the last fifteen years, as I mentioned, I have been longboarding. And while I have learnt through making several mistakes, I have grown so much in the sport. That’s why I love to share what I already know with my readers.

In this post, we have seen some of the best longboards if you are working on a budget. These cheap longboards under 50 will allow you to enjoy the best times when you are learning the process.

They are easy to deal with and will hardly break your coffers. More importantly, these longboards will leave you with the best experience if you want to share some time with your loved ones. Use it to bond while riding together and learn every riding skill that you can master.

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