Different Types of Longboards: Know your Riding Style

If you walk into a store looking for a longboard, you will be surprised by the many diverse types available in stock. If you are a beginner, you will even have a harder time identifying the best longboard to start training with. Do you go for the cheap Chinese version recommended by your friend who just started longboarding, or do you just select the most fancy-looking one?

Well, ask any professional rider about longboards, and they will tell you that each longboard type is uniquely designed for a specific riding style. Therefore, you should know that one type of longboard would be ideal for beginners, another for the more professional rider, and so on.

In our article, we have reviewed all the popular types of longboards available in the market today, to bring you all the information you need on the subject. Let’s get started.

Different Types of Longboards

Like we have mentioned earlier, different longboards are designed for different purposes. For example, you will find that one type of longboard is ideal for high speed racing, while another is great at making quick turns, or performing board tricks. No single longboard can be said to be multipurpose. However, some longboards can be modified to serve two or three complementary riding

To better understand the subject, we shall look at different types of longboards according to ideal riding style. We shall also discuss some different longboard shapes, and how each shape makes the longboard suitable for a particular riding style.


Just as the name suggests, downhill longboards are perfect for longboarding down a slope. Downhill longboards are built with superb material, making the boards resistant to harsh terrains. Thus, you can enjoy your super-fast rides in a unique and stress-free manner.

A major issue that one faces longboarding downhill at great speed is wobbling. Luckily, downhill longboards eliminate such concerns. The longboards have a defined rear and front, which allows one to ride smoothly downhill, while maintaining a straight direction.

Drop Through

If you are aiming for relaxing longboarding, then your ideal longboard type would be the drop-through version. Apart from having a stylish appearance, the longboards allow you to enjoy your cruise and free rides like never before.

The longboard provide enhanced stability, thanks to the holes on the front and rear which let the trucks sink through the deck, for an ultra-low ride. You will be comfortable knowing that you, or your loved ones, are riding safely. However, I strongly recommend the use of a helmet and other safety gear always when riding.

Carving Longboards

Carving is one of the best techniques you can learn on a longboard. However, to perfect the art, you need to practice regularly. More importantly, you should use the right longboard for carving. A carving longboard allows you to smoothly carve turns past obstacles, both on flat ground and mild hills as well. The longboard also allows you to easily lean on your toes or heels as you carve turns, thus, gaining more speed.

You can get a quality carving longboard online since the type is very common among riders. However, some of the quality name brands I would recommend buying from include, Atom, Sector 9, and White Wave.


Next, we have cruising longboards. Cruising longboards are designed for riders that enjoy easy rides to the mall, town market and so on. Thanks to the board’s unique build, you can comfortably longboard in crowded environments.

Another feature that makes the cruising longboard a complete masterpiece is the wide deck that provides comfort and stability to the rider. When you know that your longboard is specially built for cruising, you will experience perfect balance and enjoy your cruises more. If you are new to longboarding, I strongly recommend you start your journey on a cruising model.  You will greatly enjoy the sport.


A board’s weight and flexibility are important factors to consider on a longboard. Enhanced flexibility means that you can easily maneuver the board and perform skills effortlessly. That explains why many riders, especially the youth, are all crazy about bamboo longboards.

If you are thinking of carrying your longboard on a picnic, then the bamboo longboard would be perfect for you, as the board’s simple weight won’t have too much effect on your baggage. Bamboo longboards also look fresh and cool, another reason why the type is so popular among the youth.

One important factor to note is that, although bamboo boards are great for performing skills, the wheels are difficult to replace once broken. However, since bamboo longboards are quite cheap compared to other types, the drawback can be overlooked.

Longboard Types According to Shape


The best definition of pintail would be, having a wider deck center, and a sharp nose and tail. The sharp nose and tail make the longboard ideal for riding directional, as the rider experiences better balance. The sharper ends also give the board an improved turning radius, allowing the wheels to make sharper turns.

Another advantage of pintail boards is having carved out wheels, which prevent the occurrence of wheel bite. Thus, if you are looking for a longboard that rides directional and can take sharp turns, consider getting a pintail.


In as much as having a wide base and sharp nose is concerned, the fishtail and pintail are alike. The only difference between the two types comes in the tail. Fishtail longboards have a split tail design, giving the board the unique look of a fishtail surfboard. The board also enables the rider to enjoy the classic surf riding style. Another major benefit of fishtail longboards is that the longboard’s fishtail feature allows longer rides and easier sharp turns.


The blunt longboard is just as the name suggests – having a wide round nose and tail, thus the “blunt” in the name. The board is an ideal choice for beginners since the longboard provides more stability compared to other shapes like pintail and fishtail. With guaranteed stability, a beginner can practice on blunt longboards, mastering essential riding skills without the risk of falling off.

However, the wide nose and tail come with some disadvantages. The round ends reduce the board’s clearance, thus, making it near impossible to make sharp turns. The poor turning capability makes blunt boards an unsuitable option for professional riders. Beginners, on the other hand, will have a field day with blunt longboards, due to the enhanced stability.

Twin Longboards

Twin longboards are specially designed for multi-directional movement. The concept was first introduced in the 90s when twin skateboards were first manufactured. The twin longboards would soon follow suit featuring wider sides as is the longboard norm.

If you are interested in freestyle riding, then the twin longboard would be an ideal choice for you. The longboard provides better stability, allowing newbie riders to practice with the longboard. If you plan to use your longboard for tricks, be sure to choose one with larger soft wheels. Larger wheels will let you perform the desired skills with ease.

Cut Out Longboards

Cut out longboards come with a unique advantage over all other longboard types – having the most wheel clearance compared to other longboards. Additionally, cut-out longboards are bi-directional, meaning you can ride both regular and switch at ease.

Another important feature on cut out longboards is the drop through trucks. The feature lowers the deck closer to the ground, providing more stability. That means that you can ride at high speeds without the risk of losing balance. The boards also have larger wheels, for easier deep turns. The essential features make the longboards ideal for riders who enjoy the following styles: freestyle, downhill, and freeride.

Other Longboard Types


Mini cruisers are also referred to as short longboards, having an average board length of 33 inches or less. The boards are shorter compared to regular longboards, which have an average length of at least 37 inches. However, compared to skateboards, mini-cruisers come with larger wheels. In a sense, we can say that mini-cruisers cross the bridge between longboards and skateboards.

I wouldn’t recommend mini-cruiser longboards for beginners since mini-cruisers do not offer much stability. The longboards are better suited for the professional rider, as they feature greater speed and improved turning ability thanks to the reduced length.

I would only recommend buying a mini-cruiser after you have already mastered the essential riding skills and are on your way to becoming a professional rider. That way, you’ll be sure to enjoy great speeds and an adventurous ride

Speed Board

The speed board, just as the name suggests – A longboard designed for speed. A major advantage with the speed board is that apart from allowing the rider to achieve crazy speeds, the board also enhances stability while at it.


The last longboard type we will look at is the electric longboard. The unique board comes with a fitted battery allowing electric control of the longboard. Electric longboards are very easy to operate since the rider doesn’t have to push manually. Quality electric longboards can go up to speeds of 24mph.

Boosted Boards is among the best brands that manufacture flexible electric longboards today. The brand manufactures longboards made from bamboo and fiberglass, which enhances the boards’ flexibility. The enhanced flexibility also gives the longboard some shock-absorbent capability. Thus, the bumps and ridges on the road will not affect your comfort on an electric board.

One of the highest-rated electric longboards is the Boosted Stealth. The popular electric board comes with a flexible composite deck as is usual of bamboo boards, and can reach a max speed of 24mph.

Boosted Stealth also features an extended range lithium-ion battery, all the more reason why the longboard is so popular.

Mini Electric

We cannot review electric boards and fail to mention mini-electric. Mini electric versions feature all the benefits of electric longboards but come at shorter sizes. Thus, the mini electric longboard, just like the mini-cruiser is better suited for professionals. The shorter length means that you can perform longboard skills with ease. Some of the best mini electric longboards in the market today are the Mini S and Mini X, both products of Boosted Boards.


Are longboards the best option for beginners?

Yes, longboards are better suited for beginners. Compared to regular skateboards, longboards feature a wider and longer deck which provides the rider with more stability. Beginners can maintain better balance riding on a longboard, thus, practicing more easily.

Which is the best longboard type for beginners?

When choosing a longboard for a beginner, you need to consider that the beginner has close to zero riding skills. The beginner is more interested in balance than speed. Thus, you should choose a longboard with a wider deck for proper balance. A lower deck will also increase stability and help the rider to push more easily. Having said that, the best longboard for beginners are blunt longboards, due to the wide deck.

Which is easier to ride between a skateboard and longboard?

When considering safety, especially for beginners, longboards are better than skateboards due to stability. Thus, for beginners, longboards are easier to ride than skateboards. Longboards are essential for long rides as they offer a smoother experience. Longboards are also less agile. However, longboards take longer to gain speed compared to skateboards. Skateboards are also designed for performing tricks and moving at high speed.


We have finally come to the end of our article. If you have read this far, we hope that you have gained some useful knowledge about the different types of longboards in the market. Hopefully, the next time you visit your favorite store to shop for a longboard, you will know exactly what to look for. Remember, different types of longboards are designed for different riding styles. Therefore, if you hope to enjoy all the benefits of longboarding, you will eventually have to buy more than one type of longboard. Besides that, I wish you safe time as you enjoy the adventurous sport. Remember to ride safely.

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