How Much Does it Cost for a Good Skateboard Tips in 2021

how much does a decent skateboard cost

If you are into skating then you should figure out how much a good skateboard costs.  New skaters find it hard to purchase skateboards simply because they lack the idea of their prices. In fact, there are many things to consider when purchasing skateboards.  Keep the following in mind when purchasing a skateboard and negotiating for good prices:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Brand
  • Type
  • Reason for purchasing a skateboard
  • Model

How much does a normal skateboard cost?

The price of a normal skateboard depends on its setup. A good skateboard costs about $80-$120 for the entire setup. This includes the decks, bearings, board, and the trucks.

Take your time when buying skateboards and know exactly what you want. Do a lot of research regarding skateboard parts, compatibility, and how to assemble the board. Find out if there will be a difference when you buy the entire setup or its parts.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

This is a common question amongst most skaters out there. They would really like to know how much you spent on your board. They want to know if they are taking a ride for their money or not.  You will pay an average of $120, that is, if you buy the parts separately. This will give you a service of about 5 years.

Skaters should be willing to spend a bit of extra cash if they want to enjoy skating.  It is easy to advance easily if you have a good board.  After purchasing your skateboard in bits, pay your skate shop to set up your board and tighten the trucks for safety.

Average Cost of Skateboard

An average cost of a skateboard will depend on where you are buying it, its quality, and the brand. Some people are more into the brand than quality and durability.  This will range from $20 to $300.

Categories of skateboard depend on quality, use as well as size in relation to their prices. Find out which one suits your budget:

Mid-quality skateboard

 These skateboards are mainly suitable for beginners who are into enjoying that thrilling and exciting experience. They are good enough to meet your expectations. Their prices range from $40-$65

Kid’s skateboards

 These skateboards are cheaper than other types of skateboards in the market.  They are small and only comprise of basic features that are safe for kids.  Their cost range from $20-$45

Blank skateboards

Professionals can use these boards and still achieve value for their money.  They cost about $50 to $110. The only variation is the fact that they are mainly available in the plan as well as one solid color.  They do not have complicated designs, as well as graphics. They are simple and easy to use.

Street/verts skateboards

These are mainly suitable for riders who are more interested in tricks than other things.  They will allow you to perform many tricks with a lot of ease.  They are available from $70-$200.

Professional skateboards

  Use these skateboards mainly in competitions. You are likely to see them on televisions used on different tournaments.  They cost about $100-$250.

Longboard skateboards

They are suitable for riding downhill, particularly for those who prefer accelerating their rides.  They are suitable for learning riders. They offer limited capabilities. For instance, you will not do most of the tricks using this board.  They cost around $60 to $500.

Classic skateboards

  These boards are suitable for cruising. They cost around $60 to $400. As stated earlier, there are different sorts of skateboards of different brands and features.  Classify them differently based on their capabilities as well as the sites that classify them. According to, prices and brands are some of the aspects that determine the classification of skateboards.  For instance,

  • Sunrise Wave costs about $149,
  • Mini-Logo from Mini-Logo Red costs an average of $99.

What you should know when purchasing

These skateboards come in different parts, such as the trucks, deck, bearings, and wheels, to mention but a few.  Based on their brands, some of not have graphics built on them.

Keep in mind that skateboards are available in different sizes; hence children use these skateboards as well as and adults. In case you are purchasing one for a friend or your child, then you should consult with them. Find out their sizes as well as preferences.

According to professional skate riders, a suitable size for a good skateboard measures 7.5 inches.   There can larger sizes in the market based on demand.  A medium skateboard measures 7.3 inches, and a small skateboard measures 7 inches. Did you know that there are micro skateboards in the market measuring 6.5 inches? I bet now you can figure out what size to buy for your son or friend.  In simple reality, if you are purchasing one for your kid of a shorter person them, a medium skateboard is a perfect choice.  Purchase full size if you are buying a skateboard for a tall person.

Additional Costs when buying a skateboard

Skating offers that exciting feeling that one never forgets. It is something that you can do on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Your expertise and experience will improve from time to time. You will also realize that you have developed more interest as you keep on practicing.  You will realize that it is a sport worth investing in. you will pay attention on other items as well as information related to skateboards.

Many riders are now investing on skateboard gear such as footwear as well as comfort.  It is also important to invest in safety gear such as helmet as well as elbow and kneepads.

How to shop for skateboards

Do your research study as well as collect all the truths before you purchase your skateboard.  There are lots of kinds of skateboards in the market.  Do not be overwhelmed and find yourself choosing the wrong one.  Compare their prices in relation to their quality and available features. You can achieve this on eBay as well as Amazon, among others.

What are the factors that affect skateboard prices?


Popular brands in the market tend to be more expensive than other brands.   Quality, functionality, and design also affect the prices of skateboards a great deal.


There is no doubt that the type of skateboards has a lot of influence on its functionality.   This aspect will also affect price. The type of skateboard determines the kind of characteristics that you will have.  Choose depending on the level of your skills as well as purpose. For instance, ask yourself whether it is for tournaments or just recreation purposes.


It is worth mentioning that when it comes to skateboards; do not think that expensive ones are more durable than the cheaper ones. Many skateboards out there are quite affordable but offer amazing features. Get the facts clear before you jump into a conclusion.


Your location will also affect the prices of your skateboard.  Some shops offer affordable skateboard while others offer expensive ones.  Some shops are expensive because they are located I area with poor business conditions.

What are the types of skateboards available in the market?

There are four major types of skateboards. They include:

  • Shortband

This is the shortest skateboard in the market.  It is also the lightest amongst them all. It is suitable for performing tricks.

  • Old school

It has large wheels, flat nose, and kicktails.  It has a wider nose than others do, and it is asymmetrical. It is suitable for those who enjoy riding ramps as well as pools.

This is the longest of all boards. It is asymmetrical, and it is suitable for bombing hills as well as downhill racing.  It is not suitable for performing tricks.

  • Cruiser

These boards come with kicktails.  Kicktails enables you to perform tricks.

Should I avoid buying cheap skateboards?

Cheap skateboards are those from retailers who do not specialize in this industry but sell these products. They make them using low-quality materials. Cheap skateboards are dangerous as they easily cause accidents.

Do your homework right and make sure that you buy the right products. You can read different reviews from previous users. Find out if you can buy them on wholesale or retail. Find out which stores are offering them on discount, among other facts.

What are the extra costs?

There are extra prices that you might incur in the process of buying skateboards.  Adding graphics on skateboards can cost $1 to $10 per decal.  The prices of decals range from buying new ones to getting a customized one.

You must purchase a good pair of shoes for skating. It should be closed toes and flat soles.  A good pair of shoe costs $100.

In case you buy a skateboard deck separately, you will have to budget for wheels.  You should grip the board before you start practicing.

Tips to know good skateboard prices

Buy from a local skate shop to negotiate for good prices. Moreover, you will have an opportunity of trying out these boards in person.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

There are different skateboard brands in the market.  You should not focus on the price but the type, quality, characteristics, and as well as size.   A skateboard is not good enough if it is not the right size. Moreover, it will not do you good if you got the wrong board that is difficult to maneuver. A decent skateboard costs about $100.  The prices vary based on your location, and your needs, among other factors, have been discussed above.

Can you save money on skateboards?

You should do thorough background research on skateboards. Make sure that you know what you want, your size, your location of practicing as well as if you want to perform tricks or not.  As mentioned earlier, there are different boards available in the market.  Do you know how to skate? Keep in mind that there are beginner skateboards, professional and moderate skaters.  If you know what you want, this will help you save a lot of money of your skateboards.


There are different skateboards in the market. They can come to assemble or in different parts. Know what you want, your needs as well as preferences and make a comprehensive decision. Now you know how much a good skateboard costs.

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