How to Fix an Exercise Bike: The Smart Tips for the New User

For most people, the thrill of using an exercise bike goes as far as they can achieve their set workout targets. That’s fine. However, for anyone who understands what type of investment they have in their hands, an exercise bike is worth more than just its value.

That’s why you should take proper care of your exercise bike. But this is not to mean that the bike will not break down eventually. With constant use, there is wear and tear, which might easily cause lead to damages on your workout bike.

The damages might vary, but depending on the types, it is important that you learn how to fix an exercise bike.

How to Fix an Exercise Bike Problems

In this post, I give you some tips that you can follow to fix your workout bike in case of any of these damages.

Slip Off

Exercise bikes often experience a slip off around the belt system. In case this happens, you must tighten the belt. Here is how to tighten an exercise bike belt that slips off.

  • First, unplug the exercise belt and then remove the pedals
  • Use a Philips screwdriver, Allen wrench, or a crank arm to remove pedals
  • Open the pedal on the right side using a clockwise movement
  • Open the pedal on the left side with an anti-clockwise movement
  • Watch out for the threads while opening the pedals
  • Now remove the side shield by removing the attached screws
  • Remove the top shield using a flat head screw (it exposes the flywheel and belt)
  • Loosen the tensioning belt and identify the idler bracket that’s inside
  • Find the adjustment nut and the idler bolt on the outer but lower side of the bracket
  • Adjust these two nuts to loosen or tighten the tensioning (follow the user manual)

Replacing the Belt

If you have to replace the belt, then once you have opened the shield, you should identify the belt, remove the bracket, and then remove the belt to replace it. Remember to release the tensioning using a flathead screwdriver.

Once the new belt is installed, the next thing that you will do is to plug back the tensioning cable. Make sure that you set the cable at its right place. The bike should be ready to give you the work out that you need.

Remove and Replace the Magnetic Unit

This is another cool trick that any user should learn when it comes to their exercise bike. Make sure that you do this to remove and replace the magnetic unit.

  • Remove the nuts holding the pulley with a socket and a ratchet.
  • Twist the pulley to the side
  • Now slip the V-belt off your pulley
  • It should come with the magnetic unit
  • Inspect the magnetic unit
  • Remove and replace the magnetic unit

Fixing Error Code

Sometimes your workout bike can show an E1 or E6 error, among others. This will imply that there could be some problems with the bike’s electric console. I suggest taking your bike back to the manufacturer is you still have a warranty running.

If not, follow the repair manual to reset the bike and remove the error code. You can only look for a technician in case the error code persists. For most error codes, resetting the exercise bike to its original setup might just save your day.

Reinstalling Speed Sensor with Chain Guard

Removing and replacing the chain guard in the proper way will help you to maintain the efficiency of your exercise bike. In case you need to give it new power and incredible boost. Follow this simple process to get the speed sensor and chain guard out.

  • Remove the battery cover
  • Now install a new battery
  • Next, replace the battery cap
  • Fit in the speed sensor
  • Take the reattaching nut and replace it too
  • Reattach the chain guard
  • Tighten the holding bolts

Frequently Asked Questions

To have a better experience when it comes to learning how to fix an exercise bike, these questions that I am going to give you will help you to get a grip on what to do. Take a look at what I have.

What causes squeaks in an exercise bike?

If you notice a rattling sound, squeak, or knocking sound in your workout bike, then you must be wary. Even so, frequent maintenance should resolve this. There are several things that can cause such noises including:

  • Worn-out belt
  • Old wheels
  • Rustiness
  • Motor jamming
  • Rusty pedals

How Do I Replace the Display Panel Batteries?

The first thing that you must do here is to unplug the system power. Remove the cord from the electrical plugin. Now open up the battery bunk in the display panel and put in new sets of battery. You can then re-test the exercise bike.

In case you have a complex screw pattern, consider using the Allen wrench or the Phillips screwdriver to remove the fastening bolts easily and, in turn, secure the bike’s split flywheel cover.

How Can I Solve Squeaky Noises on My Exercise Bike?

First, you will have to identify the source of the noise. Once you have done that, you can then disassemble the part that causes the noise and finally replace it or lubricate. Often such noises are caused by rustiness that you can address through regular oiling.


Learning how to fix an exercise bike might take time if you don’t have the tips. However, one way that you can opt to learn is to follow the user manual. If the manual is complex, find some top-rated reviews to follow.

In this post, I have rounded up the most basic tips that will help you to get started. You can always follow them through before looking for an expert.

Use them to provide the best care to your exercise bike and enjoy the best user experience. Good luck.

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