When you have just bought a Penny Board, several questions may come to your mind. One of them may be how to ride a penny board? Or another question, how to ride a penny board for the first time? If you are beginners, you will not be able to do it quickly. You will need some help! The truth is this sport needs to be learned to do it more naturally. Penny board is made of plastic and is very light. With this new toy, you can spend hours having fun, and you can even use it as a method of transportation. You can take it with you anyplace you want, but since it is shorter than a standard skateboard, it is essential you know how to handle it in the best way. Believe me, you will love this guide on how to use it!

What are penny boards?

They arose twelve years ago by Mr. Ben Mckay. His goal was to make a different skate, which of course, he did. He started looking for new materials and shapes. That is why he decided to retake the idea of the old plastic skateboard that was used in the 70s. They were created with the difference that these penny boards were more compact, with more balance, lighter and last generation plastic. If you are a lover of having something small to be able to take it everywhere, you will love this. You can go with your penny board everywhere!!

Ten steps/tips on how to ride a penny board for the first time

Start to ride your penny board is a fascinating job. You will learn many things, you will have fun, and you will become lovers of the penny board. Continue to see how to ride a penny board for the first time.

Step 1: Choose the best place to practice

The ideal is to find a perfect place for you to practice with your skateboard. The right place is those with the floor made for skating. Otherwise, you will find an ideal street. Never exercise on grass, sand, or any bumpy surface.

Step 2: Use all the materials to protect yourself

It is much better if you have protection for the joints and your head. They will save you from getting a good hit. When using your penny board, you should not expose yourself to dangers that are not necessary. This should be avoided even if you are wearing all possible protection. Avoid stairs, or do stunts that you have never practiced.

Step 3: what kind of shoes should I wear?

This is a significant theme. Skateboarders use special shoes when they are going to use their penny board. But not everyone has this type of shoe. Therefore, shoes with a flat sole will suffice. Never wear boots, tennis, formal shoes, or anything like that.

Step 4: how should I position myself on my penny board?

You need to determine if you are regular or goofy. That is if you stand with your left foot in front and with your right foot behind, ordinary beings. And the opposite if you are goofy. You must be sure to start managing your penny board.

Step 5: hold onto someone

This is optional. If you have a person who can help you stand up and hold you while you do your learning, it is much better. It is because a person being with you can give you security and support when you start driving.

Step 6: Position of the feet

The front foot needs to be positioned with the toes facing forward. On the other hand, the back foot should cross the skateboard from one side to the other with its position. This foot is the one providing stability, and the other will guide you.

Step 7: Body position

When you stand on your skateboard, you should bend your knees a little. This will help keep you from falling. In addition, you must position your body in the center of the table to avoid going forward or backward.

Step 8: How should I start moving with the penny board?

This step is done almost, almost involuntarily. ALMOST! There is a part that you must do consciously. You can push yourself in two ways, with the front foot or the back foot.

The most common thing is that you put your front foot on the skateboard, almost by the front screws. Then, start kicking yourself with your back foot.

Step 9: How should I rotate?

You should move your foot back to the end of the penny board. This will allow the front end to move, and therefore make your skateboard turn.

You can practice this by holding onto a tree or other material, so you do not fall. In a short time, it will come out smooth and fast.

Step 10: Learn to fall

It will help you if you are a beginner, it can save you thousands of hits. First, you should look for the grass or a smooth surface that is on a flat surface. You should fake on the grass like if you are falling. Practice it many times. By doing this, you can avoid giving yourself more serious blows when you actually fall. You will already know how to handle your body so as not to provide yourself with a good beating.


PRACTICE! None of these steps that we have given you will make you manage a penny board if you do not practice. The most important thing is that you go and that you do it many times. You will not be able to tell any difference if you don’t start practicing it.

The importance of knowing how to brake on your Penny Board

Braking on a penny board is the most important thing you can learn. The main reason is you do not learn to brake, what you would get are thousands of falls. Ouch! It can cause thousands of falls that can cost you a right bruise on your body or something even worst. You should not only learn to handle it, and now, but you must also know how to stop it. You will not always be able to save yourself by the grace of God from a bad blow.

Usually, the same ways are used when we brake on a usual skate. But we will implement specific changes. Penny boards have much larger wheels that cling much more to the pavement.


If you are a beginner, you will love to be able to stop and SAVE YOUR LIFE. The first step is to put one of your feet (with which you have better mobility) slowly on the floor. Little by little, you need to put a lot more pressure on the foot until you can stop.

This type of brake will serve you when you do not come quickly. But, it can also help you when you go at high speed. Isn’t it fantastic?


Although it will indeed help you avoid blows to your body, it has a disadvantage. The only problem is that it will waste the sole of your shoe. In a given case that you want to avoid wearing the sole, you can use both feet. Of course, you should practice handling your penny board with both feet.


Our second way to brake is the tail brake. Yes, it is for beginners too. As you are in movement, try to position one of your feet on the back of the foot. Once you have it, you must support all the weight on it.


One of the disadvantages is that you will spend the tail of your deck. It does not sound cool, does it?


This way of stopping is not so recommended if you are a beginner. But it is perfect for an emergency. You will love it! If there is an unforeseen event, you should take your foot out from behind. With your foot up on the board, push and then walk. This is to try to slow down.


It is not highly recommended that you do this if you are going at a very high speed. Since sometimes, it may be that you cannot control it, and you can fracture. OUCH!


The fifth way is the power slide. Keep in mind that you could do this when you are already at a slightly more advanced level.

As you roll, you should reload the most substantial weight on the back of the board. Then rotate your board 90 degrees. You will have to put the wheels in front.


Recharge the weight very well since otherwise, you will fly away.


As a beginner with the penny board, you should not go at high speed. Also, avoid going into big hills. If you did and you are in big trouble, it is best to do the following. Try to duck when you go on the slope, get as close to the ground as you can. Then when you are on the floor, put your hands on the street and start to drop.


Getting started with your penny board can be a bit tricky. It is always good to have a guide on how to ride a penny board for beginners on hand. You will not have to do great feats to start walking in it, but it is better if you learn a little. You need to start by learning to stand on the board, then how to pedal, and finally how to turn. With these three significant steps, you can make it sensational, and you will become an expert. Penny boards are great to buy and start a new sport. You will love getting into the world of skate. Do not miss the opportunity to start and become an expert on this topic.

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