Skateboarders Vs Longboarders: Knowing Your Boarding Experience

Do you know why I love longboarding? The reason is simple, compared to other common sporting activities, longboarding is fun. It is easy to learn and, more importantly, best for anyone around my age. It is due to such reasons that I have loved longboarding ever since I was 12. Thankfully, that’s not about to stop.

Well, I have to say that’s longboard when compared to other forms of sports. But how do skateboarders vs longboarders compare in terms of experience? That’s what I intend to talk about today. I won’t dig so much into anything complex. My desire is to keep it simple so that every ready that comes here understands what’s best for them and why.

However, before I get down to that, I want to highlight some differences that exist between a longboard and a skateboard. Here, I won’t dwell on the experience of the rider but rather the features of the board itself.

Take a look!

Differences in Longboard Vs Skateboard


The first difference that you will notice between a longboard and a skateboard is in their tail. The longboard has a flat tail and a flat nose. The skateboard, on the other hand, has a curved nose and a curved tail.


Next, the skateboard is smaller compared to the longboard, just like the name may suggest. Even so, there are some longboards that are shorter. Such types of longboards are determined using the shape of the nose and tail.


Since the longboard is larger, it will weigh more compared to the skateboard. This means that anyone who wants something lighter should focus more on a skateboard instead of the longboard.


The longboard again comes with a larger and softer wheel. Such wheels provide better clearance and more grip. That’s why longboards are best for high-speed cruising. The skateboard, on the other hand, has smaller and harder wheels, which are meant for tricks.


The trucks of a longboard will protrude outside the riding deck. However, that of the skateboard will stay underneath the deck. The reason for this is simple; the former provides better stability for high-speed rides while the latter keeps it simple for tricks.

Riding Experience: What It Entails

With that said, I will hit the road in the best way that I know how, when it comes to the types of experience that both riders have. Please take a look at what I have for you.

Similarities in Experience

The first thing that I will look at is the similarities in the type of experience that both skateboarders and longboarders will have. These similarities are but a few. However, knowing them makes your work easy.

Fun Rides

Both boarding games will give you some level of a fun ride. Even though the levels may not be the same depending on what you need, use your board for, or how you ride, eventually, you will have some fun. This is important for any border that rides.


Again these two riders can use their boards to move from one place to the next. Even so, longboarders will move for longer distances. They can commute to work, school, and the grocery shop using their boards.

However, the same cannot be said of a skateboarder because the board used by these types of riders is designed for tricks. They hardly go for longer distances. Skateboard is, therefore, designed for short rides.

Board Tricks

Next, when it comes to performing board tricks, the skateboarders vs longboarders will both get some chance to perform tricks. A skateboarder will have unlimited tricks around their sleeve, while a longboarder won’t be that lucky. Nonetheless, they will have the chance to play around in style.


The care and maintenance of these two boards are more or less the same. They both need regular cleaning after use, replacement of worn-out parts, proper storage, use of warranty for manufacture defects, and several other things. As such, both the longboarder and skateboarder will have to compromise when looking for a better way to care for and maintain their riding boards.

Skateboarders Vs Longboarders: The Differences

Even in their similarities lie some conspicuous differences. For example, both boarders can perform board tricks. However, one has a limited opportunity, while the other has endless tricks to do. The same applies to the level of transportation. One rider can use their board to commute for longer distances while the next can only ride for shorter distances. With that said, what other difference in experience lies between the skateboarders vs longboarders?

Read on!


Looking at the price involved when buying your riding gear, a longboarder will use more money. This is unlike the skateboarder, whose requirement may not even dent their coffers. As such, you can budget appropriately and get the best gear for your riding needs.


When it comes to safety rides, both borders will remain safe, depending on how they ride. How cautious they are and what safety gears they are wearing. Even so, looking closely at the design, one boarder will get better safety features when compared to the next. To start with, the longboarder will have a wider riding deck. This would be a bonus if you wanted something better to balance on. Next, the longboarder again has wider trucks. The trucks protrude outside the deck, which makes the board very stable at high speeds.

Finally, the longboarders will enjoy larger wheels than the skateboarders. Larger wheels mean fewer bumps or jam. You won’t worry so much on rough terrain, too, since your board’s clearance is awesome.


If you are an adrenaline junkie, then longboarding is your thing. The longboard can easily hit insane speeds. They are designed for cruising downhill. This is unlike skateboards that are used for tricks and very short rides.


Who finds it easy to carry their riding board? The skateboarder, of course. The reason is simple. The skateboarder has a smaller board. This board type means you need a smaller space to store, carry, or transport your board. It again means that your board has been forged with limited parts, which makes it lighter in weight. A lighter weight is easy to carry around. So compared to the longboard, you can easily move around with your skateboard for hours un-end.


Finally, learning a skateboard is harder than learning how to ride a longboard. As a newbie, you want a board that you can easily balance on. A wide board that gives you more space will do exactly that. This is why the longboard is the ideal learning board for both skateboarders and longboarders. It again comes with trucks that protrude outside, as I mentioned.

These trucks will maximize stability by lowering gravity closer to the ground. In short, learning how to ride a longboard takes lesser effort than learning how to ride the skateboard. So don’t rush!

Additional Tips

That’s not the end of everything. For the skateboarders vs longboarders, there are other additional tips that you should look at too before you indulge. These tips include the following things.


Looking at the balance, a longboarder will enjoy better balancing. They have wider decks and spacious designs for more balancing space. The skateboarder, however, won’t enjoy so much of the same.


The damage to the riding boards again tends to be on a high when it comes to skateboards. I guess it’s due to the tricks that this board is used for, unlike the smooth rides that a longboard offers.

NOTE: The other tips that you choose to go with can be different or similar. But that depends on what you choose. Even so, I suggest going with what we have given you here for a much better experience.


So, what’s the big difference in the riding experience of the skateboarders vs longboarders? I guess you’ve got the answer to that. The most important thing, however, is finding your comfort zone. It is important that you end up with a ride that’s memorable and full of fun. Luckily for you, you can choose that depending on your needs and what you have read here today. If you are a learner, getting your skills right should be at the top of your list.

That’s why you need a board that will help you to grow. This board is the longboard. However, if you are a pro, you can choose what to go in line with your needs. Consider the terrain, material of design, type of experience, and, more importantly, your budget before you settle for any of these boarding games. In addition to that, you should also look at your skill level.

Remember that your experience will rely more on how you ride and the safety measures that you’ve taken. Wear the right protective gear so that you don’t sustain any form of injuries during the ride.

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