Slim Cycle as Seen on tv Reviews 2-in-1 Stationary Bike 2022

slim cycle as seen on tv reviews

Currently, people are advised to work from home and stay indoors because of the pandemic that has befallen the world, and this is making it hard for many to go outside to exercise. It is true that some are able to go out and run, and others use their bikes to exercises, but most people are not able to exercise as they are used to.

Considering that it is important to exercise and keep fit, we have to look for an alternative to gyms and outdoor exercises. That’s why you need an exercise bike that will help you exercise in the comfort of your home.

Exercise bikes are great for people who want to exercise at home, and those that are looking for complete workout equipment that can help them stay fit, all while staying safe, and this is where this As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary bike by BulbHead comes into play.

This 2-in-1 exercise bike can help you exercise better at home. So, are the many slim cycle as seen on TV reviews true? Is this bike as great as the way it is advertised?

Well, keep reading our detailed review to find out.

About Slim Cycle As Seen On TV

This slim cycle from BulbHead is a great home exercise equipment for people who want to engage in cardio workouts. Being a folding stationary exercise bike for indoor exercise, you can use it to keep fit. The best thing about this bike is that it offers both arm resistance exercise and leg work. This means you can strengthen your upper body and still tone your leg muscles.

The bike can also help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals as you can use it for longer cardio workouts.

One of the things that make this slim cycle stand out is that it enables you to change from an upright cycling position, meant for intense workouts, to recumbent position, meant for low impact workouts. That’s why it is advertised as a 2-in-1 exercise bike.

Features That Makes the Slim Cycle Stand Out

It is true that there are many slim cycle bikes, and it can be hard to pick the right one, but we can recommend this slim cycle by BulbHead because of these innovative features;

  • Flexible Seat

As mentioned earlier, the Slim Cycle is advertised as a 2-in-1 fitness bike because it offers an opportunity for one to use it as a recumbent or upright bike, and also allows you to exercise your upper body. This is made possible by the dual position seating position, which means that you can use when you want to hit different muscles from varying angles.

You can adjust its seat so that it can become a recumbent or upright bike. This is great for people who want to maximize their workouts as it helps you target different muscles. Also, it helps to prevent the possibility of getting back pain.

Note that; the dual position set up is a major plus, especially for people with back problems.

  • In-built resistance armbands

You don’t have to get other equipment to exercise your arms as this 2-in-1 fitness bike offers built-in resistance bands. These resistance bands offer you an opportunity to work out your arms.

If your goal is to get fitter and stronger or exercise your whole body, then these resistance bands will be a major plus. They are designed to offer varying levels of resistance, and you can use them to build upper body strength.

  • Adjustable resistance

Another area this stationary bike shines in is in the levels of resistance it offers. You can turn up your workout and make it more challenging by switching between the eight levels of resistance provided.

This means that you can keep getting stronger every day by alternating between different resistance settings. Rather than just exercising using one resistance level, you can toggle between eight different resistance settings until your muscles cannot take it anymore.

  • Attractive digital display

You can now keep track of the distance you have covered, the speed you are cycling at, calories you have burned, and also see other crucial metrics including heart rate reading on the large digital display that is fitted on this bike.

This means you can track your progress everyday by increasing the speed of cycling or distance covered. It also acts as a way of motivating yourself.

  • Innovative, foldable design

You don’t want a stationary bike that will fill your room all the time as you want to make sure the place is cleared after you are done with the exercises, and this slim cycle makes it easier for you to store it, thanks to its foldable design.

One of the major factors you should consider when buying an exercise bike is the ease of storage, and this is another area Slim Cycle by BulbHead shines the most.

Therefore, for people who live in small houses or apartments, you can rest assured that this stationary will not occupy a lot of space when you want to store it. You can fold it and store it away to save on space.

  • Comfortable seat as well as backrest

When buying stationary bikes, it is important to check how the seat is designed, and if there is a backrest. The last thing you want is to exercise on a bike that is not comfortable or one that puts a lot of pressure on your bike.

Fortunately, BulbHead Slim Cycle comes with a well-padded seat that has a plush cushion of a thickness of 2.5 inches. What’s more, it has a backrest that is made from comfortable memory foam. Therefore, you can exercise comfortably, knowing that you will not develop back pain.

  • Low noise level

You don’t want to disturb other people or your neighbors when you are exercising, and BulbHead took care of this common problem in many stationary bikes by making this bike compact. You can ride this bike silently, and even your neighbors will not notice you are exercising.

Adjusting resistance levels is also seamless, which makes it one of the quietest stationary bikes in the market. If you read most of the slim cycle as seen on TV exercise bike reviews, many customers have mentioned that this bike runs quietly.

As you can see, this slim cycle as seen on TV exercise bike is a great stationary bike to invest in. Let’s have a recap of its features;

  • Can be used as an upright exercise bike. You can use Slim Cycle for high-intensity workouts in the form of cardio training workouts
  • It can also act as a recumbent exercise bike. If you want to sit on your bike and workout in a relaxed, lowly position, then the Slim Cycle can help you burn calories easily
  • Arm training. You can sculpt your arm muscles thanks to the arm resistance features this stationary bike offers
  • 8-levels of resistance. Challenge your muscles by juggling through the eight resistance levels provided. You don’t have to use one level of training as your muscles need to get stronger.slim cycle as seen on tv reviews

Pros of Slim Cycle

  • Features adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Has a large display that shows you different metrics such as your heart rate, distance covered, speed, and calories burned, among other stats
  • It can accommodate people of varying heights thanks to its adjustable seat
  • It comes with a comfortable backrest
  • This fitness bike is offered at a competitive price


  • You cannot adjust the seat angle as it is fixed
  • Short people may find using recumbent option challenging

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What Are Users of the Slim Cycle Saying?

There are many Slim Cycle as seen on TV reviews, with most of the reviews being positive, and this shows that the Slim Cycle is a legit option for home exercises.

Three things that have come out clearly in most customer reviews include the foldable design of the bike, its overall built quality, as well as resistance settings it offers. Customers have praised this bike because of the combination of features and compactness it offers.

Other customers have pointed its large, beautiful display, which highlights relevant stats and information you need when exercising indoors.

On the downsides, some customers mentioned that it is tedious to put together all the separate parts when assembling the bike.

FAQ About Slim Cycle

What is a slim cycle?

This is a stationary bike made by BulbHead that can convert from an upright bike to a recumbent bike. This means you can use this bike to do intense cardio workouts as well as low-impact routine exercises. Slim Cycle also has strength training features to help you burn more calories and build upper body strength. This is a great exercise bike for indoor exercises.

How much is the slim cycle?

Well, if you look at the features, you may think that this bike costs a lot of money, but it is very affordable. Priced at less than $20,000, means that you will not have to dig deep into your pocket.

Is Slim Cycle any good?

From the many reviews posted by customers who use this bike to do as seen on TV workout, it is clear that the bike is worth the money. Also, its many features make it great for indoor exercises. For example, it is lightweight and thus easy to move around. Also, it has a foldable design, which makes storing it easier. What’s more, its ability to change from an upright exercise bike to a recumbent bike as well as the arm resistance features it offers to make it worth the money.

What is the weight limit for the slim cycle?

The maximum weight capacity indicated by BulbHead is 300lbs. This means the bike can accommodate virtually everyone. You can, therefore, workout on this bike to lose weight. In other words, the bike is sturdy enough and has a solid frame that can support up to 300lbs.

Are exercise bikes good for losing belly fat, or Can I reduce belly fat by cycling?

Cardio exercises are one of the best ways to lose your overall body fat, including the stubborn belly fat. Therefore, you can lose that unwanted fat builds up on your waistline and belly area by getting on this exercise. Make use of the many resistance levels offered by this bike to make your exercise more challenging.

If you want to lose belly fat, alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity workouts, and also integrate other exercises meant to help you lose belly fat. Another thing you can do to lose belly fat fast is to eat the right diet.

Be consistent with your exercise and engage in high-intensity workouts to burn belly fat at a faster rate. Using high resistance levels will help to boost your metabolism, which will help your body burn more seen on tv exercise bike

Final verdict: Should You Buy This Slim Cycle Exercise Bike from BulbHead?

It is true that we need to exercise more, but fitting in an exercise routine into your busy day can be challenging. Besides, gym memberships are pricey, and the days seem shorter.

Luckily, there is a Slim Cycle that allows you to benefit maximally from indoor workouts.

All you need it to exercise on this bike for at least ten days, and it will transform your body. It can act as an upright stationary bike to help you conduct intense cardio workouts or use it as a recumbent bike when you want to do low-impact workouts.

It is a great option and a must-have for people who want to have a home gym. In addition to having a sleek design and foldable setup, this 2-in-1 fitness bike also features inbuilt resistance bands that make it special and worth every buck.

Instead of going for multiple machines, why not get this innovative 2-in-1 fitness bike from BulbHead. Being a trusted brand for making exercise equipment, you can rest assured that the many slim cycle as seen on TV reviews by happy customers are real. The bike has been rated high on different platforms, and its users have praised its durability, foldable setup, sleek design, and its 2-in-1 functionality.

Therefore, get this Slim Cycle Exercise Bike today if you want to make the most out of your indoor workout.

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