Buying the Top Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews in 2022

Do you want to take control of your speeds when on a skateboard? Then you should get the best skateboard bearings. It is important to have the right bearings to keep your skateboard wheel rotating smoothly, thereby giving you a smooth ride.

Sure, skating is a fun sport, but it will not be fun and smooth if you lack the right skateboard bearings. These bearings are fixed at the wheels and enable it to more smoothly and with more efficiency. To be able to take control of your skating speed, you should get the skateboard bearings.

Unfortunately, looking for the right skateboard bearings near me can be difficult as skateboards have flocked the market. There are many brands that entered the skateboards market thanks to the increased interest to skate by the majority of the people.

In this guide, we have compiled all the information you need to know about skateboards, including reviews of the top six skateboards in 2020 and a buyer’s guide. We did this to help you pick the right model for you.

But before we review the top-rated skateboards bearings 2020, let’s briefly talk about some of the things to keep in mind.

What to look for in the Best Skateboards Bearings

There are several things to look out for in a skateboard bearing. These include;

  • Construction

One of the main things to check in skateboard bearings is the material they are made from. This is because the material used determines its strength and durability. Most of the best skateboard bearings have steel construction, but you can find others with other durable materials as well.

  • Size

The most common, standard-bearing size is 608. Although they are rare these days, you can still find them. However, this is not to mean that other sizes are not the best.

  • ABEC ratings

These are ratings that indicate tolerance and precision levels. The ratings always come in odd numbers, ranging from 1 to 9. The higher the number, the more the tolerance they have. Remember that skateboards with higher tolerance levels tend to be pricier.

  • Cost

Although this may not be a crucial factor, in most cases, it indicates the quality of the skateboard you are buying. Keep in mind that not all expensive bearings are the best and vice versa. The best way is to check the skateboard bearings with the right features that suits your needs and try to compare them to see the one in your price range.

With these factors in mind, we can now get to the reviews.

Top 3 Best Skateboard Bearings in 2020 

Yellow Jacket Premium BearingsBones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8pkSuper Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings
Bearing Size608608608
MaterialPremium steelHardened steelStainless steel
Ideal forPrecisionAffordableSpeed

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

Our first pick is from the Yellow Jacket brand, one of the highest-rated producer of skateboard bearings in the market. The Yellow Jacket Premium bearings are built for speed with a pre-lubricated top speed lubricant that ensures minimal friction. The brand also claims that the steel used in the Yellow Jacket Stingers is the best quality, and most users’ reviews agree.

ABEC 9 Rating

This set is rated ABEC 9, meaning you can expect high speed and performance. The design is long-lasting with chrome-steel balls that ensure smooth gliding and high-speed nylon that ensures great strength and friction. The high ratings show the better precision and RPM they provide.

Engraved Color Seals

The Yellow Jacket model also comes with an engraved color seals for added protection against dirt and other tiny elements to extend the lifespan and precision. The seals are available in 7 different colors, thereby giving you a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Spacers Included

At their price point, Yellow Jacket is kind enough to include spacers that skating boarding enthusiasts will enjoy. These are designed for anyone looking for high performance and gear that’s easy to maintain.


  • 7mm ball diameter
  • 8 balls
  • ABEC 9
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • 7 color-ways
  • Standard size: 608

best skateboard bearings


  • Offers high speed
  • Solid built
  • Solid built
  • Has engraved colors seals that look cool
  • Easy replacement


  • Its relatively noisy

Tip: Great for intermediate skateboarders.

Rollerbones Bearings 8mm

Looking for the most precise skate bearings? You should consider the Bones Roller 8mm. The model offers the full features that any skateboard rider needs from bearings. What makes them outstanding is the high-speed nylon cages and the durable steel that offers long-lasting service. For this pack, you get a pack of 16.

Removable Nylon cages

The reason why these bearings are popular is the high-quality nylon cage that you can remove for easy cleaning. You will love the speed the cage provides as well the smooth-rolling that works without producing a lot of noise.

Non-Contact Rubber Shield

The RollerBones is known for its quality rubber shields that produce zero friction. The shield also uses a low-viscosity speed cream that’s preloaded to enhance lubrication. With that in mind, this model can provide a smoother ride than most choices. In case there’s dirt stuck inside the bearings, you simply remove the shield and clean it with ease.

Durable Steel

Besides, the RollerBones bearings are made of high-grade steel that should withstand the rigors of regular skateboarding sessions. These are 608 size bearings that should fit with most skates. They have a diameter of 8mm and are pre-lubricated to prevent resistance.


  • Comes in a 16 pack
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • 608 size
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Removable high-speed nylon ball cages
  • Made with high-grade steel

skateboard bearings


  • They are built for speed
  • Easy to clean
  • Provide low maintenance
  • Affordable price


  • A customer reported that some bearings in the pack are less efficient than others

Tip: Ideal for skating stair sets

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8pk

Bones is by far the best-selling brand in the US, commanding a larger share of skateboard fans. It’s hard to find any fault in the Bones Reds based on performance and quality. The lubricant is top quality and is slightly heavier for better speed and lifespan.

Skate Rated

Bones is known for its unique system of engineering bearings, using considerations that the standard ABEC rating system does not use. The result is that their bearings roll faster and last longer than the ABEC rated ones.

The brand adds its skate-rated sticker to show the authenticity of their products and that they are specifically for skating lifestyle. These bearings have tons of performance with the high-quality grade balls that offer the perfect spin. Also, it uses quality steel so you can never go wrong if you need durability.

Built-in Spacers

We all hate fiddling around with spacers. The Bones Reds eliminate the pain by having built-in spacers and speed rings. The model features long inner races that are made of premium-quality steel for precision after you tighten down the nuts.


They also come pre-lubricated, meaning you can use them right out of the box. Most users praise the speed they provide with less friction. The cleaning is easy with a removable shield that allows easy removal of stuck debris.


  • Skate-rated
  • 8mm axle holes
  • Color-coordinated rubber seals
  • Offers spacers
  • Pre-lubricated with a premium lubricant

most fastest skateboard bearings


  • It provides a high-quality build
  • Includes in-built washers
  • Safety pedal straps
  • Offers amazing speed


  • May produce a clicking sound at the highest speed

Tip: Ideal for beginners and seasoned skateboard lovers

Bones Reds Bearings 16 Pack

In your search for the ideal bearings for your skateboard, you should definitely include these in your list. Coming from a reputable manufacturer, this product has gained an impressive rating on Amazon. This pack packs 16 sturdy bearings that are pre-lubricated and low cost. Here are some of its most outstanding features.


When it comes to performance, these bearings offer super high speeds with minimal friction. They offer little resistance and produce less noise compared to other models. Even beginners should find them quite easy to push into the wheels.

Removable Rubber Shield

To allow cleaning, its removable non-contact rubber shield allows you to remove dust and other small particles that build up over time. Cleaning them twice a year can have a significant impact on their longevity. They also come with a nylon retainer for greater strength and speed.

High-Quality Steel

Even for pros who do skateboard tricks for a living, the Bones Reds offer durable steel built that guarantees excellent performance and superior finish. The built-in spacers eliminate work with inner races made of steel for precision.


  • Incorporates 16 pack of bearings
  • Skate-rated
  • Pre-lubricated with a durable lubricant
  • Removable rubber shield
  • Made of high-quality steel

skateboard bearings near me


  • Offers better precision which improves your skateboarding experience
  • Made of quality materials for durability
  • Works with minimal friction
  • Easy to install and clean


  • They are not rustproof

Tip: Suitable for pro-level

Heady Shake premium 608rs bearings

The Heady Shake Pro is your ideal choice if you need bearings that can offer a myriad of options. They can be used in skateboards, roller skates, inline skaters, and even longboards for skating enthusiasts. This brand is up-and-coming and focusses on optimizing acceleration without sacrificing smoothness. Combined with a quality lubricant, these have what you need for speed.

Durable Titanium

This product is constructed with 608rs titanium that is stiffer than steel and rust-free. As a result, they can work for skateboard lovers who want to jump high as the material can sustain the rigors. They also come with waterproof stickers for skateboarding in the rain. The Heady Shake bearings have been backed with superior craftsmanship and a real satisfaction guarantee.

ABEC-9 Rating

If you want to improve your skateboarding experience, then these meet the highest precision you are looking for. These professional-grade bearings are totally efficient with a quiet rotation. Combined with lubrication, they can spin at incredible speeds when you need to move on a busy road.

Spacers included

To easily align your wheels, these bearings have four sized spacers that skateboarding enthusiasts will love. This way, it is easier to replace your scooter wheels without hassle.


  • Premium 608rs Titanium
  • ABEC- 9 rating
  • Waterproof sticker
  • Pre-lubricated with a high-quality lubricant
  • 4 skateboard spacers
  • 100% money-back guarantee

fastest skateboard bearings


  • Super-fast
  • Provide smooth rides
  • Offers high precision
  • Quiet rotation experience
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for beginners due to their super speed.

Tip: suitable for kick scooters and longboards

Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

Super Swiss, the Switzerland based company, is worldly known for its high-quality bearings since 1981. If you are looking for a perfect set for your skateboard bearings, here are some that are definitely worth every penny. The word super implies that the balls used in these bearings are larger than usual. But what’s the benefit? Read on to find out.

Six 8mm Bearings

This product features six 8mm diameter bearings for increased acceleration and faster skating. The larger balls offer more speed, and the high-quality chromium steel makes them long-lasting. This product also comes with a nylon ball retainer to provide strength for skaters who want to get fast and furious.

Removable Rubber Shields

The Swiss 6 is fitted with a single non-contact rubber that is easily removable for faster cleaning. The shield also provides extra strength for more speed and less friction. It is pre-lubricated with a durable speed cream that traps debris and enhances the performance.

In-built Spacers

When it comes to aligning your wheels, the 8 pack Swiss 6 bearings leave nothing to chance. This product has 4 properly sized spacers to enable you to replace your wheels and install them with ease.


  • Six 8mm balls
  • Skate rated bearings and tolerance
  • 4 spacers
  • Nylon ball retention
  • Removable Rubber shield

best fastest skateboard bearings


  • Promotes a smooth and speedy ride
  • Offers excellent acceleration
  • Highly durable
  • Highly resilient when handling dust, heat, and rust
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Relatively pricey

Tip: Suitable professional skateboard enthusiasts

Our Top 3 Recommendations

If you are still not sure about what to pick from this list, this section offers a comparison of the top 3 products that have received better reviews from customers. Note that you can still go for any other pick, depending on your needs.

Best Speed: Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

These longboard bearings are the fastest bearings featuring six unique balls that facilitate speed. Most customers are impressed with the smooth-riding experience that allows fast skateboarding experience. What’s more, they feature an innovative design that comes with enough lubrication for speedier acceleration and strength.

The bearings have been cleverly made for skating, and you enjoy greater strengths and durability. Despite the hefty price tag, it’s worth the money.

Best Affordable: Bones Red Bearings 8mm

Our next pick comes from the best-selling skateboarding brand. The Bones Red works fantastic, and their operation is quite a fraction of price compared to Super Swiss 6. The design’s perk is smoothness as the non-contact, removable rubber shield offers hassle-free cleaning. The lubricant used is heavier for a longer lifespan and great speed. For long-term and regular use, these bearings are the best at their price. Ensure that you check the skate-rated badge on them.

Best Precision: Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings

These have been built in Germany, with the highest precision techniques to enhance your skateboarding experience. The steel used is high-end to ensure a smoother spin and a durable performance. The yellow jacket is also the best design to add a sense of style to your skateboards as it offers 7 colors to choose from. The model is also budget-friendly with a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Buying Guide; How to Choose the Best Skateboard Bearings

When choosing the best skateboard bearings, there are several things you need to consider

  1. Material used

Skateboards bearings can be made of different materials, but here are the most popular ones;

  • Steel

Bearings made of steel are among the most popular you will find in the market. Pros and beginners consider the skate bearings made of this material as the best. Most of the bearings made of steel are circular in shape, while others have flat sides. Each bearing can have between 7 and 8 lubricated balls that are designed to ease the tension between the axle and wheels, while also distributing load’s weight.

Steel bearings tend to be economical and durable. However, on the downside, they tend to heat up because of the heavy friction between the axle and the wheels. That’s why you have to ensure that they are well lubricated and stay clean.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic skateboard bearings are often made from silicon nitride. In comparison to steel, they have a smoother ride and are durable as well. These, too, need a lot of lubrication for them to work well too.

  • Titanium

Titanium bearings are not popular, but you can still find them. They are not to be lightweight and smooth. If you are looking for the fastest skateboard bearings, then this is a good option. They are pricier but worth it.

  1. ABEC Ratings

Another thing you need to check in a skateboard bearing is the ABEC rating. ABEC is a short form for the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. It provides a rating for skateboard bearings.

In most cases, we recommend that you go for those with a higher rating as they tend to be more efficient. A high rating indicates that the bearing has a low tolerance for errors.

We have covered more about the ABEC rating in our FAQ section. Please do check.

  1. Bearing size

Most skateboard bearings have a bearing size of 608. This is considered the original and standard ball bearing. This size has an outer diameter of 22mm and an inner diameter of 8mm. Bearings with size 608 virtually fit all skateboard wheels, no matter their diameters. Therefore, if possible, go for those with size 608.

FAQ About Skateboard Bearings

What are the most fastest skateboard bearings?

Well, if you are looking for the fastest skateboard bearings on our list, we can term Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings as the fastest. A winning combination of precision ground races, quality build material, and racing-formula lubricant, as well as frictionless rotation, makes it the best when it comes to skating on a busy road.

What bearings do pro skaters use?

Well, pros have their preferences, but there are a few features of pro-grade bearings. Many pros prefer steel-sealed bearings as these can last for a long time without needing maintenance. However, we can comfortably term all the above bearings as great for both pros and beginners.

What is the best ABEC for skateboard bearings?

ABEC 1 is the least precise and most crude bearings. However, it is the cheapest and most durable.

ABEC 3 is what most affordable/cheap complete skateboard bearings come with, especially those skateboards made in China. They work for most well for most beginners, but pros find them a little bit restricting in terms of smoothness and speed.

ABEC 5 is the standard of skateboarding. With this rating, you get reasonable speeds at a reasonable cost.

ABEC 7 can be termed as fast and smooth, but pricey. If you skate aggressively, these are not the right bearings for you as you can damage them.

ABEC 9 would be ridiculous unless you often do downhill skating. They can go insanely fast and should only be used by pros.

Do skateboard bearings matter?

Of course. Skateboard bearings are small, circular devices that allow your skateboard wheels to roll. They determine how smooth and fast you skate. They are probably the most important thing on a skateboard.

What are good skateboard bearings?

Well, good skateboard bearings should be smooth, have reasonable ABEC rating, be made of quality material, and come at a reasonable cost. All the skateboards we have reviewed here have met these criteria.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of our guide. And to be honest with you, there are thousands of skateboard bearings in the market, and thus it can be stressful to know which ones to choose. It is easy to buy counterfeits ones.

To eliminate worries and confusion from your part, and also ensure you don’t fall for counterfeits, we gathered a list of top best skateboard bearings in 2020.

Therefore, go through the features of each skateboard again and compare their prices to see the one with the best features and the right features for you. You do not have to waste time thinking about what to purchase as we have already given you the cream of the market.

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