What Is A Longboard: Benefits and Types You Should Know

One sport has steadily made it’s onwards in recent times, and it’s the longboard. To speak the truth, in the western world, the longboard is one of the most popular and growing sport at present. That popularity being mentioned, a lot of people get confused between a skateboard and longboard, and given their similarity; it’s valid.

So, today our professional longboard selection team is going to describe what is a longboard and what are the most common types of longboard you will get to see in the roads and sports arena. We will further shed light on the health benefits of longboarding so that you understand what you may get from this thrilling and fun sport.

So, let’s take the ride.

What is Longboard?

A longboard is a new sport which gets its popularity over the past few decades. In terms of shape, a longboard is similar to a skateboard but comes with an enlarged size. Apart from the similarity in shape, the longboard also has some other resemblance with the skateboard. But there are some massive and unthinkable distinctions also.

First off, a longboard is lengthier than a regular skateboard. Also, the longboard is speedier than a skateboard. The increased speed comes mainly from the enlarged wheel size, actual hardware, and construction material.

Longboard riders use the equipment mostly for downhill riding, traveling in the streets, commuting and cruising. All these sporting variations are together called as “Longboarding.” These days, freestyle and dancing style in longboard has become famous among youngsters.

In both styles, the longboard rider performs the tricks using their body motion and balance through a step-down and up. Generally, riders perform these tricks with fluidity to impress audiences.

Longboard History

The history of the longboard is very engaging, and so draws attention from avid learners. Preston Nichols made the first longboard way back in the 1940s. He built the longboard getting bored with the dull waves in the sea for some thrill.

The first longboards were made with poor quality, often leading to players injuries, major and minor ones. However, the 1st commercial and safe longboard were built in the 1960s. Makaha, Jack’s, and Hobie were the 1st commercial longboard producer.

But back then, longboard predominately was an American leisure sport. However, it became popular worldwide since the early 1990s when Sector 9 1st developed the reverse kingpin longboard. It soon achieved more fabulous feet, and the 1st official Longboard Authority was established.

As longboarding got fame, manufacturers keep inventing different kinds of boards with many materials. However, the most common longboard skate materials are carbon fiber, aluminum, and fiberglass composites.

Types of Different Longboards

What Is Longboard
As we now know, what is a longboard, why not see the longboard types?

A longboard is a thrilling sport for the mature and youngsters. There are many styles of longboarding, which broadly include cruising, downhill riding, free ride, and freestyle (a mesh of everything). Depending on longboarding styles, all famous manufacturers have invented a variety of longboards.

For the user’s convenience, we have piled up all the possible longboard types in the following section.

Downhill Longboards

Downhill longboards are best suited for adventure lovers’ peoples. Manufacturers use the finest quality, such as the composite fiber, to build these longboards. So, the board can survive the harshest conditions at ease.

So, no wonder the unique longboard is perfect for riding down the hilly regions. Consequently, the riders enjoy some captivating moments. Although downhill longboard riding increases adrenaline in the rider’s blood, players face one big problem with the downhill riding.

The downhill longboard often encounters with the speed wobbling. It means while riding through hills; the speed variation becomes a concerning issue. Manufacturers are producing some expensive longboards with the highest specs, which eliminates the speed wobbling for a smooth riding experience.


When someone starts learning longboard for the 1st time, almost everyone wishes to excel in carving skills someday. Luckily, mastering carving isn’t a tedious task. However, it needs practice and practice regularly.

An experience carving longboard player will pass through any obstacles like it never existed with exceptional fluidity. And once you know the skill properly, you will love the awesomeness of carving while passing through the obstacles.

Another benefit of carving longboard is systematic and easy turning in the streets with proper balancing.

Drop Through Longboards

Whenever we ask questions like what is a longboard, eventually, the drop through longboard pops out in our mind. Drop through longboard style is best known and famous for relaxing rides. First off, drop through longboards look stylish and handsome. Secondly, drop through is the most enjoyable and thrilling freestyle ride.

So, it’s not tough to guess why most riders prefer to drop through longboard over the other types- it’s stylish, easy to learn, and perfect for relaxation. Additionally, the longboard offers fantastic stability that is a big plus of the deck.

As you know about its stability, it gives you a sure shot relief while riding the longboard. But we strongly recommend you to wear all the safety gear. These include knee pads and helmet to ensure the utmost safety.

Bamboo longboard

Longboards made with bamboo are so flexible and lightweight that it’s tough to resist the temptation of riding this beautiful baby. The stylish appearance is a bonus.

With such awesomeness and mind-boggling benefits, youngsters are going crazy for the longboard. Since it is the lightest longboard of the class, it is a perfect go for the option for picnics and camping both in the shorter and longer distance.

To add to these flashes of brilliance, the bamboo longboard is made of an eco-friendly and affordable composite. Bamboos grow faster than any wood, and so, this is the least harmful longboard for the environment. The state-of-the-art longboard is perfect for showing tricks and enjoy the thrill of captivating audiences. On the other side, bamboo longboard has an extremely fixed wheelset, and hence, you may encounter hardships to change the wheels.

But you can ignore the hardship thanks to the economical price the longboard offers.

Cruising longboard

Do you frequently go to the nearby shops or commute through city streets? If your answer is yes, then the cruising longboard will offer you the nicest riding feel. Similarly, with premier quality construction, the cruising longboard is a true artwork of the modern longboard manufacturers.

Cruising style longboard also comes with a wider deck and truck that vehemently ensures top-class stability. The stability further makes riders’ life easy and enjoyable for some exceptional cruising experiences.

Moreover, once you get the suitable cruising longboard underneath your feet, enjoy some of the smoothest rides even in the most crowded place. Additionally, cruising longboards due to its stability and easy riding are perfect for the kids to kick off their longboarding career.

Difference Between A Longboard and Skateboard

Whenever people ask, what is a longboard, they, after sometimes, also ask a common question, what’s the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. Additionally, people are often confused between longboard vs. skateboard because of their unthinkable similarity.

So, we are focusing on the issue to help you come out of the grave confusion.

Shape and Size

The first dissimilarity between the skateboard and longboard lies in their shape and size. The conventional skateboards are shorter in size compared to the longboards. Also, skateboards have curves on either side of the track.  The curved shape assists with the kickflip trick show.

On the contrary, longboards are way longer than the skateboard and so, drives the name. Often, longboards will be as long as 130 cm or close to 46″. Moreover, the sides of a longboard are striped instead of the curved shape.

Differences in Wheels

Another considerable distinction between the skateboard and longboard comes from their individual wheel style. Also, when we want to know what is longboard, we must understand the rim distinction of both the deck. For instance, longboard wheels are larger in size with a softness. The larger wheels accommodate the enlarged deck, but due to the softness are less effective in the harshest terrains. On the flip side of it, skateboards have short wheels with more robust construction.

The rugged wheel of the skateboard makes it favorite of those who want to perform tricks on benches and curbs. The small wheels also account for the lightweight of the skateboard and provide an excellent grip on the harsh road condition.

Balance and Stability

These days many sports enthusiasts perform balancing tricks on either longboard or skateboard to receive high appreciation from the captivated audiences. Having said this, balancing tricks are possible to show on both boards.

But the difference lies in their respective expertise level. To show balancing tricks with the skateboard, you will need to have extreme expertness and control. It is because skateboards are often small-sized and, thus, provide less stability. Thankfully, longboards, with its enlarged size and concave shape, offer good-quality balance and control. So, even an intermediate learner will be able to perform balancing tricks on it. The wider deck enables the longboarding sportsman to show these tricks since they get more space for the feet landing on the deck.

Cruising Feasibility

Be it longboard or skateboard, youngsters, as well as mature people, use the boards mostly for commuting, aka cruising. Skateboards are good for short-distance cruising, whereas; the longboards are beneficial for long rides.

The key is stability and control. Skateboards are lighter and so, may not take the toll on long rides. Besides, its short size means you will have to take more strides than the longboard. These are the most considerable differences between a longboard and a skateboard. Examine the distinctiveness and make your decision wisely.

Health Benefits of Longboarding

Every sport and physical activity brings immense health benefits to performing individuals. And longboard, the most prevalent and fast-growing street sport, is no exception to these health benefits.

Riding on a good-quality longboard may bring the following health and mental benefits for the rider.

  1. When you ride your longboard, all of the muscles start working. Especially, your feet muscles kick frequently on the deck for speed and control. Consequently, your body releases a sudden burst of energy. It entices the heart to pump more blood and fill up the energy deficiency. Thus, you experienced a huge boost to your heart condition.
  2. Obesity and weight gain are two of the most seen health concerns among grown-up peoples nowadays. Researches show that you need to generate 300 calories of energy in one hour of longboard session. As you burn calories to get that energy, your fats reduce. The weight loss comes as an obvious by-product.
  3. You often ask what is longboard, right? Let me answer that a longboard is your best friend when it comes to achieving balance and flexibility. During longboard sessions, you need to react fast and quickly to the ever-changing road conditions. Thus, your muscles require quick response and flex. In that way, the longboard increases your physical flexibility.
  4. Muscle strengthening is another big plus point of regular longboarding. When you ride on a longboard, you need to perform kicks, balancing, braking, and pushing at the same time. Since your muscle is engaged in all these acts, they are strengthened.
  5. Regular sessions on the longboard also help athletes to get an attractive body shape. It is made possible because the biceps and triceps are frequently involved in balancing and movement of the muscles.

Besides, the longboard also assists in managing stress and anxiety as well as ensures sound sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is it extremely hard to learn longboarding?

Myths circulate that longboarding learning is challenging, but that’s not true. While taking the first few strides with the longboard may seem tough, the rest is an ABC. Once you practice for a few hours, the rest of the learning curve becomes easy.

  1. Does a larger longboard increase overall speed?

Yes, it does. In larger decks, the distance between a deck and wheelbase is bigger. This increased distance facilitates speedy rides.


Longboard riding is a mesh of fun and thrill. Yet, many people don’t know what is a longboard. It is sad.

So, we came up with this e longboard definition, types of the longboard, and differences between a longboard and skateboard. We have further described the health benefits of riding a longboard. We aspire that it comes handy for you.

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