WHAT IS A PENNY BOARD: This Is What Professionals Do

Penny boards have had a substantial boost in the world recently. They have become VERY POPULAR! It is worth mentioning, these types of toys are not entirely new. Long ago, plastic skateboards were created. These were established in 1973 by Mr. Larry Stevenson.

Penny boards are very short when compared to a longboard. For some, it may have benefits and other cons. They are products made of flexible plastic, but of excellent quality. Its material allows the support of extreme forces. Continue reading if you want to know more about this popular product

What is a penny board?

Penny boards are a type of game; it has had a lot of enhancement lately. These toys are skateboards made of plastic and are very light. Usually, people use it to do tricks or navigate long distances. Most often, these penny boards are made in bright colors. Also, for your style, they provide a retro and excellent style for all its users.

Materials with which it is made

The materials are essential when you think about penny boards. Thanks to them, you will have the possibility to play with them whatever you want and need. Let’s take a look at which materials the penny board has.


Usually, the platform is made of plastic. The plastic allows unbeatable flexibility for those who use it. Often, the plastic is typically slippery, but to fix the problem, the covers are topped with a texture called a “waffle top.” This texture provides friction when your feet touch the deck.


What material are the trucks? Well, they are made of cast aluminum. If you need to alter your ride, you can adjust the kingpin nut.


Polyurethane and plastic hubs are the material that the wheels contain. Usually, a wheel has a diameter of 2.32 “. However, there are Penny longboards in which their width in the wheels is much higher. It has a durometer rating of 83A; this allows you to cruise, whenever you want. Thanks to the amplitude of the wheels, you can skate on smooth surfaces and, in turn, rough.

What is the point of a penny board?

Penny boards are designed so you can travel wherever you want. They are light and small; therefore, you can take them with you anywhere. You can even carry them in your backpack! These penny boards have wheels, they are large and smooth compared to some skateboards. You should not fear to go through cracks or rough terrain; you will be able to cope with the situation.

By having large wheels, it allows you to get a much higher speed. This you will get without the need to do a minimum push. You will have an excellent ride and without trying too hard.

Why buy a Penny Board?

  • You will not have to invest money in gasoline, nor will you have to pay for parking. You can load it wherever you want.
  • The penny board contributes to the environment. Its material is durable and does not pollute the environment with gasoline.
  • Your ability to balance will improve. You will know how to fall and build confidence with your movements.
  • It is a super-fast transport method. You will not have to wait for hours or a long time for the bus to pass. You will get in time where you go. You will arrive on time to your destination.

Is a penny board good for beginners?

The real answer is yes. Some beginners look for them as a result of their fantastic price. Generally, beginners get excited about amounts under $50.00. However, penny boards can be an excellent option when thinking about starting in this tremendous world.

A characteristic of Penny is her size and weight. You can take it to all the places you want in a natural way. If you are starting in the world of skating, it is much better to hold your penny everywhere to practice. Moreover, if you are one of those who like challenges and want to venture into this world, you can do it.

Learn how to Kick on a Penny Board

· Find an area to walk

First, you should be on a stretch with no lumpy surfaces. Make sure the street has no traffic for when you start practicing. A quiet street can meet your needs as a beginner. You will need ample space to push a few times as necessary.

· Look forward

Now, place your front foot on your penny board. You must put it just behind the front screws. When you find balance, you will be ready. To find balance, you can lift your foot off the board to feel your best.

· Orient your feet forward

You should not start until your feet are facing forward. Start with the tip of your foot that is on the ground. You will need to exercise most of your weight on the leg positioned on the penny board. Also, always keep your knee slightly bent.

· Push a little

You will need to push by placing your toe on the ground. Then you must push your foot to gain the speed you want. Now you learn, you shouldn’t do it too fast. Your foot should not touch the ground when you are kicking because you could lose your balance.

Just with the kicking foot, you need to push with the toe. Imagine that you are kicking dust towards the back. One tip is to take long strides when you decide to push. This will facilitate balance.

· Start coasting

Now, if you have speed and you feel comfortable by balancing yourself, you can proceed to the next step. When you slide and feel safe, you should place the pushing foot on the board, just on the binding part. At this stage, you should turn your feet and your body to the sides. Put attention! You must turn your neck to realize where you are going.

Position your foot in front with a 45-degree angle, while your back foot should be perpendicular to the board.

T.I.P.: You can adjust the foot, doing it forward or backward.

Keep your legs bent and try to focus your gravity on the board, but precisely in the center. If you feel like you are falling, you can extend your arms to keep your balance.

· Practice until you feel comfortable

Practice the transition between pushing and sliding. The purpose of this is feeling comfortable with everything and keep a balance. Also, continue testing foot placement while flexing your knees. Do it until it comes out completely natural.

· Experience more

When you want your foot to angle between 45 and 90 degrees, you should practice. You will be facing sideways, so you must choose an angle where you can feel control over what you are going to do. So you must practice this position for much longer to be able to do it more straightforwardly. You must not lose control. You just have to practice, practice, and practice.

Tips for beginners

Penny boards are gaining a lot of popularity in the Skateboarding world. Due to their portability and affordability, they are being bought like crazy. When you decide to ride one of these, the tips are the same for a skater, but you should be a little more careful. Below, we offer you one of the essential tips to navigate with Penny Boards.

  • Keep in mind; your foot feels more comfortable to put it in front.
  • You should use the foot that you naturally put in front.
  • Your feet should point forward while pushing with one foot.
  • If you want to rotate, you should rest your heels or toes in the direction you want to go.
  • Also, to turn, you can put a little more weight on the back. This will make the front lift up and turn faster.
  • For you to stop, just drag the tail until it stops.

Benefits of using skate

  • You will manage to reduce the level of stress. Why? Since we discharge energy and feel liberated.
  • All kinds of sports, this one, dramatically improves mood. Our body generates endorphins and other hormones related to physical activity and brings us happiness.
  • It increases our capacity and muscular strength. When we make constant efforts, our physical capacity increases, it helps us in our health.
  • As it is a sport with an aerobic part, your cardiovascular system will improve considerably.
  • They considerably increase our coordination and reflexes. Penny boards will help us to be constantly alert to carry out our movements correctly. In addition, we must be alert to avoid falling and breaking the chrism.
  • One hour of skateboarding allows you to burn up to 600 calories.


How long are the penny boards?

The size of a penny board is typically 22“. However, many penny boards are longer. It all depends on the provider you buy them from.

What is the diameter of the wheels?

It depends on how big your penny board is. They usually have a diameter of 59mm, but this can vary.

Can I learn to do tricks with my penny board?

No, they are not a good option. If you are a beginner, you should not learn to do tricks here. It is designed to navigate only, not to perform tricks.

What tricks can I learn?

You should not learn to do much exaggerated tricks. You can learn how to give force slides, push, recumbent carvings, ride, among another simple. You can do tricks in which you never leave the ground. They are durable. It is much more than you think! These penny boards can last anywhere from eight to ten years.


Skateboarding is a magnificent sport. Penny board is an excellent option if you want to enter the world of skateboarding. When you start, Penny board can be spectacular. It gives you countless benefits starting with its portability. You will not be able to go out without your new toy since it is easy to transport. You can be on time, look great, choose the color you like best. In addition, you can have it for an extended period. You can use it for years. Do not miss the opportunity to use this famous piece.

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