What Size Bike For A 5 Year Old: What You Must Know

What Size Bike For A 5 Year Old

Kids are amazing. They will make your day if you carried them out camping or biking. May I also mention that they can be quite annoying sometimes? But that is the beauty of being a mom or dad. Nonetheless, bike riding with your kids can be awesome. However, before you go down that road, it will be very important that you get your kid the right bike. Today, I am going to give you some of the best tips to help you. So if you are wondering what size bike for a 5 year old, don’t. I have the perfect solution for you right here. Follow these simple tips.

Kid’s Confidence Level

If you watch your kids closely, you will realize that kids don’t usually possess the same level of abilities, confidence, and power. Before you buy your kid the bike that you have been looking at, make sure you have considered these three factors. A strong kid will easily ride a bike with a higher resistance level. A confident kid will learn fast, the same as the kid with more mastery. Here is the thing. When kids are starting out, the bike’s weight, size, and height are all new things. They need to master how to use or control them. That’s why you need to come easy on them with a great choice.

Kid’s Height and Age

While many user guides suggest that you should consider the kid’s age more, I suggest looking at the height too. Most kids have their age running closely to their heights like bike manuals will reveal. However, going with age alone or height only might give you a minor difference that could change the game. Always go with age side by side with the height. It will help you to land the best frame, weight capacity, and a bike size that is ideal for your kid.

Color Scheme

Kids love flashy colors. They want something that’s highly attractive and which is more fun. Choose a color that your kid loves. You can also go for a blend of colors that give a super cool touch to the bike.

Perfect Bike Fit

Just as an adult, your kid requires the perfect fit bike. That’s how they will find bike riding fun. Perfect fit bikes are usually very comfortable. They also prevent any form of straining and will save your kid from the painful knee joint. Controlling a perfect fit bike is also very easy. You kid can, therefore, learn very fast. They can enjoy easy control, response, and mastering process. Nonetheless, find a bike seat post that’s adjustable so that you can buy your kid a bike they can grow with.

To get a perfect fit bike for your kid here is what you can do.

  • Put your kid on the bike’s saddle
  • Let them touch the ground with both their feet
  • You can adjust the saddle post until their feet touch the ground
  • Make sure they have stepped on the ground comfortably and have good clearance
  • With both their feet flat on the ground reach the handlebars and adjust
  • Bend them slightly to fit their arms while they are in the same position
  • Confirm if they are able to easily reach the handbrakes

Pay Attention to the Weight

As I mentioned before, your kid’s abilities, strength, and power will play a crucial role here. The same applies to the bike’s weight Every age has a weight that can work for them. However, depending on your kid’s abilities you might want to adjust on the weight’s specification a little bit. You should be able to get a weight that suits your kid’s abilities. Look for what your kid can handle easily. This should come in handy when the kid is in their learning process.

Longevity in Design

Kids can be quite ruthless with their bikes. They will fall more when learning to ride or lose control quite a bit. A bike that’s built to last will, however, save the day. It will help you to get the value for your money. Even better, it will save your day by preventing damages. Look for a steel alloy frame. The seat and handlers should be ergonomically designed. Remember, the bike is an investment and a durable design will pay much more.

Boys/ Girls Design

Some people would love to stick to the girl’s or boy’s design depending on their kid’s gender. Well, that’s fine. However, it doesn’t have much of an impact when it comes to kid’s bike. Nonetheless, people who want something fancy for their kids can always go with this. Girl’s designs will have a lower step-through frame, unlike the boys. It will also allow the rider to climb on and off the bike easily.


I always insist on a warranty when you want to invest in kid’s bikes. Because kids are yet to learn proper biking skills, a lot of manufacturing defects could be sustained. If the bike has a warranty, you will have a little reprieve on fixing the most delicate parts. So before you think about what size bike for a 5 year old is best, it is important to keep your mind on the warranty too.

How to Give Your Kid a Room to Grow with the Bike

You don’t want to buy new bikes every passing year. Bikes are very expensive investments. Because of this, it will be very wise if you just bought your kid a bike that they can grow with. Here are a few tips that will help.

Adjust the Saddle

The saddle post of any bike is adjustable. It is the perfect way to get the perfect fit bike height for your bike. To adjust your saddle post or that of your kid here is a step by step guide on what you should do.

  • Learn how your bike’s seat can be adjusted
  • Identify the bike seat’s junction – the place where the frame meets the post
  • Find the quick-release lever that sits at the bottom of the seat’s base
  • Pry the quick-release lever to open it – you can open by hand/ adjustable wrench
  • If the seat is bolted, you can also use an Allen key
  • Now loosen the seat’s bolt to give you enough allowance to move it
  • You can now gently pull the seat post to adjust to the perfect size
  • Once you have slid the post up or down until the desired level nick the post
  • Place a mark that allows you to set it back easily in case it slips again
  • Position the quick release lever on its original place and then re-tighten
  • Make sure there is no play around the seat

NOTE: Don’t tighten so hard that you won’t be able to undo in case your kid has grown and you need to adjust the height once again.

Adjust the Handlers

The other trick is to adjust the handlers of the bike. Well, it is true that as your little girl grows, you can always raise the bike’s seat post and the handlebar to fit them. However, that’s not every trick there is. If you set the bike handlebars back while you maintain the seat at the lowest level, you should be able to reduce the reach further. In turn, you will get more room for your kids that they can grow with.

How to Ensure Your Kid’s Safety When Bike Riding

No parent loves to see their kid injured. This means that every parent will do whatever it takes to keep their kid safe at all times. The same applies to when the kid is riding their bike. Here are simple tips that will keep your little gal/boy safe on her/his bike.

Protective Gears

Wearing the best bike riding gears will minimize the chances of your kid getting injured in case of any eventuality such as a fall. Some of the best protective gears that you can give your kids include the following:


The helmet is a very important gear. It is worn on the head and will protect your kid’s head from injuries in case they fall. Helmets are handy in case you want your kid to learn how to ride a bike and even after they become stable.


Gloves are for the hands. The more your kid clenches their palms over the handlers the higher the chances of bruises. Even so when they fall from the bike the hands might again bruise. That’s why gloves come in handy.

Elbow/ Knee Pads

Elbow and the knee pads perform the same function as the gloves but around the knees and the elbows. When you fall, these two parts of the body often take the fall. Without the right protection, they will bleed.

Biking Shoes

The bikes pedal is never sole friendly. It could easily chew into the sole and leave you with a damaged shoe. Because of this, you need a shoe that will handle both the pressure and the rubbing that occurs here perfectly.

What Other Factors Determine the Bike You Buy?

Apart from what we have seen above, there are many other factors that will help you to determine the bike that you buy for your kid.


The riding terrain or your geographical location is the first factor. If you are on hilly and rocky terrain, you will need a mountain bike or a bike that can withstand and maneuver the sharp rocks easily.

Riding Style

What type of cycling style does your kid want to pursue? This should also determine the type of bike that you buy for them. High-end competition bikes will have numerous techniques to learn, unlike recreational bikes.


The money you are willing to spend is also vital. You cannot spend 555 USD when you don’t have it. Instead, you should determine what you are willing to spend and come up with a bike that falls within that budget.

User Reviews

Finally, the user review and feedback will also help you to determine the type of bike brand that you need. They act as pointers to what is ideal and will give you the best insight before you even spend a dime. This is an awesome way to save a lot of money.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Kids Bike

If you want your kid’s bike to last longer, you must be prepared to take proper care of it. Here are some tips that could help.

Wash the Bike

First, you can always wash the bike. Washing the bike keeps it clean and prevents it from losing its color. Make sure that you develop a proper bike cleaning routine for your kid’s bike. If possible, wash the bike once a week.

Enough Pressure

Low pressure will make the bike hard to ride. Too much pressure will also prevent a smooth movement. Look through the bike’s user manual and make sure that you pump enough pressure in the bike. Following the pressure setting from the factory will be helpful.

Watch Capacity

The weight capacity is very important. If you exceed it, you will expose your kid’s bike to potential damages. You can check the weight limits against the user’s weight. This will help the bike to last longer.

NOTE: There are other things that you can always look for such as a routine checkup, repairs of air leaks, and oiling of moveable parts. Simply follow the manual to get all the care tips that your bike needs.


As you can see, finding the right bike size for your five-year-old is no brainer at all. With the tips that I have given you here, you will find the whole experience simple. You will have an easy time and more importantly, walk out with an awesome bike for you love done. You don’t have to remain confused about what size bike for a 5-year-old to buy. If you are choosing a bike for your kid, just make sure that you stick to the tips that I have laid here. They have worked for me always.

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